Thursday, November 4, 2010

Want to help me write a book? Day 3

Alright, time to nail this sucker down so I can turn it in to my editor and we can get rolling on other details. I've had the best time brainstorming with you guys! And there will be plenty more opportunities as we go through the process of writing this book.

Based on all the comments and discussion, it seems like the medieval idea combined with a supernatural gift was the most popular. (Or it was at least the most discussed.) Here's what we're thinking for plot of the book Gabby's writing:

A fairy tale set in medieval times. Lady Gabrielle is of noble blood and on her way to being the princess when Rafe Grayson walks into her life. While devilishly handsome, Gabrielle is smart enough to realize he's not the right type of guy for her, and she ignores his advances. (I'm thinking Gabrielle's supernatural gift of Truth can come into play here.) Meanwhile, three other ladies (or should that be Ladies, if they're also noble?) have a plot to remove Gabrielle from the favor of the prince so they have a shot at the crown.

And then, if you guys like it, we could go for a star-crossed kind of thing. Like Gabrielle eventually realizes she's in love with Rafe, but is claimed by the prince and can do nothing about it. Which opens this book up to series possibilities, which would be helpful. Gabby can then get contracted for a book series.

What do you guys think of this? Are there changes you'd like to see? Or is there something we discussed that you don't see in here that you think should be?

Here's what we need now:
  • Name for our prince
  • A country. Those proposed thus far are Britain, Italy, Spain, and Germany
  • Title ideas
  • First line of the story ideas

Of titles that have been mentioned for this idea, I think Kaitlyn's on the right track with Invisibly Yours. But please contribute other titles as well!

And of first lines, Mary had one that fits well. Especially in the cut-throat world of nobility. She said: That saying, "Friends are like flowers" makes me laugh. My friends are like dandelions. Pretty weeds that take over and can't be easily exterminated." But, like titles, we're still in brainstorming mode. Because I don't know if people actually had lawns back then. Hmm. But I like the sentiment.

Let me know your ideas!


  1. Love the idea! Especially because the religious state at the time would necessitate she keep her Gift a secret--I don't think it would have been very well received.

    A few things you also need to nail down in order to nail down the things you mention:

    Setting, first and foremost. It's totally legit to make up a kingdom, but if you intend NOT to do that, you need to figure out if this is medieval England, medieval Germany, medieval France, medieval Italy, etc. Keeping in mind that most of these countries weren't called by those names at the time.

    But the setting will help you decide the name of your prince. You can't exactly have a German name if this is British. And vice versa. You'll also have to pick the century, as different countries were hugely influenced by other countries at certain points, but not so much at others. (Depending on who was warring with whom at the time, ha ha.)

    Yes, I'm a historical writer. =) These are the things I live and breathe, LOL.

  2. Just had a thought--what if you set it in Florence of about 1500 and had her be a friend of Da Vinci? Rafe could be an apprentice to him or something, but she could have ties to the Medici family (who ruled Florence at the time) and the prince dude could be whatever Medici son would be the right age. You might have to make her name Gabriella to make it more Italian, but Tuscany of that era was SO COOL. And the Renaissance is a sweet time period in general.

  3. It's important, but I don't know yet HOW important since this is a book that isn't actually being written.

    Right now I'm just trying to get the first three chapters and the synopsis for the real book to my editor. For that, all I really need is a general premise of Gabby's book, the title, and the first line. I don't even know that the prince's name is crucial info at the moment, but I thought we might as well pick it so we can stop referring to him as the prince.

    All the other stuff can be filled in as the book unfolds and we see more of what Gabby's writing.

    And if we pick something that doesn't mesh, that's okay. Gabby will learn the importance of research when her agent pounds her for it. Just like with my first book I learned to write all the events of a book in calendar to avoid continuity issues.

    Does that make sense?

  4. Have you seen the movie Ever After? Because I think it would look like we (or Gabby) was stealing the Da Vinci thing from there.

  5. LOL--I have, yes, but it's been so long ago I totally forgot about it. Excellent point though. Scratch the Da Vinci thing (though that was set in France, not Florence. ;-)

    You definitely don't need all the details figured out, but having a country in mind can really shape things like title and what she might be observing in that first line. Though having Gabby discovering all that's involved through the book could be super-fun. =)

  6. Set in France, and they all had British accents. Very strange, but still one of my favorites :)

    Alright, let's pick a country too.

  7. Don't you know that everyone foreign has a British accent?? ;-)

  8. Ok names:
    William (my fave)

    I'm thinking that the prince is like drop dead gorgeous and rafe isn't ugly but he isn't amazing either. you know? then when gabby realizes money, looks,etc., aren't everything kinda thing.

    first line of the sotry...

    "Mrs. (Prince's name). Princess Gabby. If only my Prince would recognize me. Just to think I could be his princess of ------(kingdom). If only, I wasn't invisible...."

    I don't know if that made any sense whatsoever, but it's a thought.

    Country wise I'm thinking it would be cool to make up a country. Just because it would make it more fairy-taleish. Like Rosanna said legit.

  9. But back to the country thing.... It may also make more sense to the reader if you pick a real country. Maybe like England or France. Unless you wanted to really flesh out the setting of Gabrielle's book.

  10. Oh it sounds so good!
    I like Italy, or Spain as the country.
    I like the idea of making it a series, that would be really fun!

  11. Is both The Book and Gabby's book going to be medieval? Or what?

  12. Maybe you could make up a country but make it similar to a real country so you could have more freedom on what the setting is. Like naming it Gratica and giving it characteristics and events similar to France.
    I like the first line idea that Kaitlyn came up with.
    An idea for the last name of the prince could be Garrott depending on what country you chose(I thought it went well with the first name William that Kaitlyn suggested)

  13. No. The Book is about Gabby and her life. It takes place now and focuses on her.

    But part of her story is that she is writing a book and trying to get it published. THAT is the story we're talking about on here. The one Gabby is writing.

  14. No. The Book is about Gabby and her life. It takes place now and focuses on her.

    But part of her story is that she is writing a book and trying to get it published. THAT is the story we're talking about on here. The one Gabby is writing.

  15. Foreign Rememberence
    Well, that was random. But maybe, is can be sort of...this Rufe guy, well I don't remember everything that's been suggested, BUT -- she knew him when he was younger, but it's sort of a foreign I said. It's random.

  16. i love love love william garrot!!! i think it is an amazing name. jut thought i would tell you!

  17. Major ugh about my previous comment posting twice. This is what happens when one attempts to comment from their phone.

    Can we all be good with William Garrot as our Prince?

    Since we have a prince with a fake name, I think that lends itself toward a made up country. Thoughts?

    I like the sound of your title, Emii. Maybe the heroine can go abroad in another book and we can save it for that one :)

  18. Made-up kingdoms are cool. =) (And if The Princess Diaries can do it, so can Gabby!)

    When I first wrote FE, it was a made-up country instead of Monaco. Brattinburg, I believe. You're welcome to steal it if nothing better is suggested, but naming a country can be great fun. I bet these awesome gals will come up with something totally cool!

  19. A couple ideas for the name of the country:

    Just suggestions:) I don't know if they'll really flow with the story...

  20. Okay, I'm sorry, I'm utterly confused. Is this story about a girl from the present who is writing a story about a girl from the 1500s?

    And if it's about a girl from the 1500s, I say we nix my first line haha, not really appropriate. I'll keep thinking!

  21. I think the prince's name should be Petruchio (like from Shakespeare's the Taming of the Shrew), but he's a character based off of Gabby's real life and his name can be Peter or something...

    I like Italy, because it's romantic and because Gabby's name sounds Italian and some of the greatest artists are from Italy. And royaldom in Italian times just sounds romantics and mysterious.

  22. Ugh - sorry for the confusion!

    The medieval book is the story within the story.

    The real book is this:

    Gabby Hoskins feels like she's leading a double life.

    At school she's Gabby-the-girl-on-the-sidelines. Yes, she hangs out with the popular students, but it's only because they grew up together. She never gets included in their plans, and the guy she likes only has eyes for her best friend.

    But after school, when she's sitting at her computer working on her novel, she's Gabrielle-the-heroine. Writing started as an outlet for all those thoughts and feelings buzzing around her head. The ones nobody wanted to hear about, but somehow needed to be expressed. So she took the idiotic things her friends Rachel, April, and Brooke said and put them in the mouths of Raquel, January, and River.

    The only person who knows about Gabby's novel is her on-line friend Bronte, who Gabby met through a writing web site. Bronte is encouraging Gabby to try to find a literary agent, but Gabby isn't so sure. Writing is her one safe haven - what will happen when she allows others in?

    THAT book is plotted out and ready to go.

    The book we're talking about is GABBY's book. The one she's writing and trying to get published. That's why all I need right now are basic details. Just enough to flesh out the synopsis and the first three chapters so my editor can take a look at it.

    Does this make sense?

  23. Petruchio is a very cool name. I like that too.

    And I like Italy for the country, though again we're going to run into the issue of there being no real Prince Petruchio from Italy.

    But here's what I'm thinking for that. Gabby originally has it set in Italy, but due to lack of historical accuracy, her editor suggests she change it to a made-up country. The real book will show Gabby Going through the editing process, and that's something all aspiring historical writers must learn.

    And I like the country names you guys have suggested!