Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Creating The Bulletin Board

The bulletin board is a semi-new tool for me in my writing.

Typically, once I've written the blurby thing and figured out my basics, I have a couple items for my bulletin board. Sometimes it's a picture from a magazine that looks like one of my characters. Often it's notes I've hastily scribbled, nuggets of ideas that somehow fit into the story, but I'm just not quite sure where.

Having a bulletin board gives me some place to gather these items, something to gaze at when I'm stuck in a scene. It's also a way to keep notes handy, yet not cluttering up my work space.

Until Saturday, my writing bulletin board looked like this:

In the top left corner, that's a map of my main character's high school. Go Trojans.

The bottom left is a calendar I've filled out.

All those sticky notes are random plot ideas. That scrap of paper in the top right is a note I made about the lie my character believes. (And on the reverse is a quote from my daily Office calendar.

The picture is a character who I actually just cut, which is sad. She sure had some pretty red hair.

I like my bulletin board a lot. The only thing I didn't like was that sometimes I have to work on a couple projects at a time, and it was a pain to switch out items.

Well, now I don't have to. This is what my bulletin board looks like as of Saturday:

The lovely piece of 4x6 cork was sitting under the Christmas tree for me this year. Thank you, Nana.

As was a fan. Thanks, Mom and Dad.:

Complete with one of these babies:

And curtains. Thank you, in-laws:

It was a good Christmas. And we're all grateful that the office renovation is over, but I'm pretty sure my husband feels the most relief of all.

But back to the bulletin board.

I find it's a easy way to keep all those notes, articles, pictures, and charts handy. And that it works as a great motivator when I'm stuck. Or when I'm forced to take time away from a project, it helps me get back in the frame of mind pretty easily. If a bulletin board isn't an option, you can always have a folder or a binder or something. Get creative with it and find what works best for you!

Have a great Wednesday, guys!


  1. Love this! I keep photos of my characters in an saved email draft, random plot ideas in various notebooks scattered around. I think this system is a wonderful idea!

  2. This is so much fun to see your new board! I love it. I've been thinking about getting one, but don't have a spot for it. My office is in an upstairs loft. It's neat that you can touch and feel your ideas!!

  3. Great idea! I'm not really in a position to put up a board but I take notes on my phone & then add them to files on my comp. I have a much of files like "what if?" for random
    Ideas to happen to characters & stuff like that.

    Funny about the picture though because ice had an idea for a story for a long time & worked on some characters, one of them is Hawaiin & when I saw your Skylar Hoyt books I thought, "thats exactly what my character looks like!"

  4. I have a ginormous mirror in my room that makes up an entire wall. Not kidding. It IS the wall. I love it and use it for a lot of the reason you use your board. It currently has chemistry notes covering it(lol) but I will definitely be using some of your ideas!

    Btw if you're wondering how I use the mirror - you can use dray erase markers on a mirror and it'll work like a dry erase board! :-)

  5. I've just got a ton of books and folders. It's almost it's own mini library, this is because my room is shared with my older sister and theres not that much free wall space.
    Hmmm she plans on moving out soon...

    (Don't get me wrong, my sis is amazing i'd rather have her than my own mansion:)

  6. Kait, I'm loving the creative use of your mirror!

    Cherry, I was totally touched by what you said about your sister. I don't have one, so it's nice to see you appreciating yours!

    And I love all these ideas for different ways to do the same thing the bulletin board does for me. Gotta make it work for you, your style, and your work space!

  7. You have been awarded at my blog Reviews By Jane!! Although don’t feel pressured to do it. Head on over there to receive it!

  8. Aww, thanks, Kait! It was fun learning so much about you. Yikes, the only girl!

  9. I love this idea! I currently have sticky notes across the wall in my apartment detailing the order of major plot events in my work-in-progress. I would love to get a giant cork board like that! Sadly I think that will have to wait until I'm no longer in on campus housing.

    1. Yeah, Katie, they probably wouldn't appreciate the massive screws it requires!