Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Couple quick announcements

Due to ice and snow in Kansas City, there'll be a slight delay in announcing winners from the January 17th prompt contest. Ice and snow = yucky roads, which means my babysitters can't come over, which means reduced work time. So. The judges have all returned their choices to me, and I've e-mailed our winners. Hopefully I'll be able to return feedback to everyone by the end of the day and get some of the winning entries posted.

In other news, I leaned on my friend Nicole once again, and she made a button for Go Teen Writers. Yay, Nicole! And then I remembered Roseanna White has made "grabbable" buttons in the past, and she told me how to do that. I love having talented friends.

So. In short - for those who'd expressed interest to me - there's a grabbable button on the right column. Ask and you shall receive.

Hope to be posting some entries later today, but if nothing else, I'll be back here tomorrow so we can talk about "location, location, location!" Also known as setting.


  1. Lean on me anytime! ;) Be safe this week in this crazy weather!!

  2. I grabbed your button. And am barely refraining from one of those jokes on the subject . . .

    Nicole, for the record, you rock. =)

  3. Officially on my blog. Love it, by the way! Nice designing job, Nicole:D

  4. You have amazing friends~so smart. Your blog has the best feel to it.

  5. A delay in posting who won? Right?

  6. Thanks, Nicole! You're the best.

    Roseanna, I know. And I'm immature enough to keep giggling.

    Emii, thanks for the inspiration :)

    Julie, don't I? I love how the blog is looking these days.

    Yes, Jazmine, although the results are posted now.