Thursday, March 24, 2011

Please help me!

In a couple weeks, I'm speaking at career day at a middle school here in Kansas City.

It's actually my old middle school, though they apparently didn't know that when they requested me. They just knew that I'm a local author who doesn't charge a speaking fee. I warned them last year that there's a reason I don't charge a speaking fee, but apparently I did well enough that they want me back this year. Or there's a shortage of local authors willing to don dressy clothes and brave the nasty traffic to be there by 8am.

Ack, I'm babbling. This is how nervous I am.

My question for you guys is, if an author was coming to speak to you, what kind of stuff would you like her to talk about. What kind of questions would you want answered that you might be too nervous to ask?

Thank you in advance for your help!


  1. Don't get nervous, I'm sure you'll do great.

    Some questions I would want answered are

    1) What/Who inspires you to write?
    2) What are books that have inspired you?
    3) Do you ever feel scared to write because you think people won't like it?

    I'll be praying for you, and I'm sure you'll do amazing! :)

  2. how can you get a book published?

  3. That is so fun! I'd be nervous as can be also...but you'll be great.

    I'm going to step back in to my middle school brain and think about what I'd ask....

    1. How old were you when you wrote your first story?
    2. How did you know you wanted to be a writer?
    3. What is your favorite books to read?
    4. How do you think of your ideas?
    5. How much money do you make writing a book. (I know, but seriously kids think about this kind of thing I think. Well...we all do but kids ask it!! lol)

    Good luck, let us know how it goes!

  4. I would want to know your best advice about writing a book.

    Hope it goes well! :)

  5. I would want to know your best advice about writing a book.

    Hope it goes well! :)

  6. 1) Are you nervous when people read your work for the first time?
    2) Are you ever worried that someone won't like your writing?
    3) What would you say to someone who constantly puts down your work in a not-nice way?

    Thanks, Mrs. Morrill, and am praying for you!

  7. p.s. congratulations!! That must be such a God-thing, huh?

  8. I'd want to know:
    1.) When did you first want to be a writer?
    2.) What inspires you?
    3.) What are you favorite books, and what were your favorite ones when you were a kid?
    4.) How long does it take you to write a book?
    5.) What is one piece of advice you would give to young writers?
    6.) How did you get your first book published?
    7.) How much do you write every day?
    8.) How much do you make from a book?
    9.) Do you always enjoy writing or do you sometimes want to throw you computer against the wall?
    10.) If you couldn't be a writer, what would you want to be?

    I'm sure you'll do great. Lucky Kansas City School Kids. I wish an author would come to my school, but that's one downside of being homeschooled.

  9. These are awesome questions! And prayers are SO appreciated. I love being with the students, but I'd prefer just hanging out with them rather than feeling the pressure to impart my limited knowledge.

    I've written down everything you guys have asked. What a huge help this will be in arranging my talk. Thank you so much! And I see some questions that will be good to answer on here too. Yay!

  10. I love when authors talk about their writing space and routine. That's just me, though, since I am a writer also - so I'm not exactly sure if middle schoolers would be particularly interested. But I love knowing what an author's writing space looks like, how's it's decorated to inspire them, etc. Also what time of day do they write, and if they have to be drinking coffee, tea, eating chocolate, or listening to a certain soundtrack as they write.

    Good luck!

  11. I probably would've asked what to do when you want to write but have nothing to write about... I still would. :P

  12. We had a few authors come to our school, and these are a few things they talked about...
    1) what started you to become an author (inspiration, basically)
    2) What do you do to make your plot, as in research.
    3) how do you spend your free time (You'll be surprised on how much we want to know about this)
    4) and Why did you become an author

  13. I agree with lots of the people's comments/questions on this blogpost =) I would definitely wanna know what inspired you to write, how old you were when you wrote your first story, and if your nervous and afraid ppl won't like your writing.
    That's what I'd ask :)

  14. More great questions for my list! You guys are the best.

  15. I would want to know what people look for when they read your first chapter.
    dont worry, youll do great!!!