Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Results from "When he heard the voice" prompt

Received votes for first place
Emily West
Katy McCurdy
Jordan Newhouse

Received votes for second place
Sammie Weiss (two votes)
Courtney Calvert

Received votes for third place
Jordan Newhouse
Rebecca Pennefather
Rebekah Hart

Honorable Mentions
Monica Burke
Rayna Huffman
Emii Krivan
Ariana Root
Sarah Faulkner
Sierra Bennett
Sammie Weiss (also placed)
Rebecca Pennefather (also placed)
Jordan Newhouse (also placed)
Emily West (also placed)
Teddy Chan (double honorable mention)
Moriah Newhouse
Kait Culbertson
Rye Mason

As you can see from that monstrous list, the judges had a very hard time deciding. All of them made comments to me about what great writers you guys are and how each time they judge, it seems to get harder to make choices.

I've emailed winners, but I'm still working on sending out feedback. Thank you for being patient!


  1. Hi, I'm new to the blog! I love to write, so I will be sure to enter the prompt contest! : )

  2. I'm looking forward to reading the winning entries! Keep up the good work, everyone!

  3. I think that if you could Stephanie, you should say that someone got an Honorable Mention.It makes us feel better.But only if it's not to much trouble.I can't wait for the winning entrees!We won't go easier on the judges either :) Sierra

  4. I'm sorry, Sierra. I'm confused about you mean since the HMs are listed above. Where do you want me to say it?

  5. Oops!I thought I had said, in the emails.Because technically it's like placing since you list it there.And it makes the ones who didn't place feel good if it was in a situation like the last prompt results.If it's not to much trouble anyway.Sierra

  6. You mean like in the emails I send you guys with the judges' comments? I try to, but it's possible I missed a couple. There usually aren't so many :)