Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 20 finalists from "When I opened the door"

Below is a list of the names of those who advanced on to the second round from April 11th's writing prompt:

Nicki Taylor
Faye Rhys
Alyssa Liljequist
Rebecca Pennefather
Ellyn Gibbs
Coral no-last-name-provided (and apparently I didn't ask...? Not sure where my brain has been, you guys. Coral, if you wouldn't mind emailing me your last name, that'd be great.)
Bridgitte Ivey
Imogen Elvis
Rachel Crew
Avery Wall
Rebecca Hubbard
Sarah Luckadoo
Sammie Weiss
Jordan Newhouse
Moriah Newhouse
Katy McCurdy
Savanna Ford
Rachelle Rea
Courtney Calvert
Rye Mason

Congratulations, you guys! Your entries are now being considered by the other judges. If you entered and your name isn't on that list, you'll be receiving your feedback by tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'd planned to talk more about scenes. Instead we're going to talk about the writing prompt contests and a few tips for finaling. (My spell check appears to hate that word. Sigh.) The judges have made a few aside comments to me about what stuck out to them about particular entries, or what did and didn't work, so I'm going to blog about that tomorrow.


  1. Yay for the top 20!

    Tomorrow's topic sounds great!

  2. Congratulations to those who placed!
    I can't wait for the tips.(obviously I need them :)

  3. Those tips would be a huge help. I would love to know more about what the judges are looking for.

    Congrats to finalists!

  4. Yeah... I wish I would've been able to edit and change things in my last entry for this most recent contest... I knew I wasn't gonna get very good feedback lol. I just got a like for what imagery I was trying to create. :)
    But sending in stuff last minute has its consequences... the ending is horrible for my last entry lol. Many things wrong with it.

    Hurray for the finalists! Wish I was that good... but I probably won't ever be that good heh. =)

  5. Jazmine, it's all about perseverance in this business. I have no doubt your name will be on that list!

  6. Hehe, I'm with you, Sierra:P