Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top 20 finalists from "It had been 4 years..."

Here's who made the top 20, in no particular order:

Holly Ogg
Faye Rhys
Nicki Taylor
Maddy Taylor
Rebekah Hart
Jane Brown
Rayna Huffman
Alyson Schroll
Ellyn Gibbs
Rachelle Rea
Sammie Weiss
Rachel Crew
Sarah Luckadoo
Sarah Faulkner
Rebecca Pennefather
Kait Culbertson
Katy McCurdy
Rye Mason
Jordan Newhouse
Georgina Cabellero

Congratulations to those who finaled! (Finalled? Does anyone know which is right? Spell check hates both.)

If you didn't final, your feedback should be on its way in the next day or two.


  1. Yeah! on my first try. Congrats to all who finaled. (spell check is of no help)


  2. Congrats to everyone! I liked reading the winning entries last time. They're really good!

  3. Haven't got feedback, but looking forward to it.Wonder what I didn't do.... Sierra
    "If at first you don't succeed try,try again."

  4. I didn't place, but I did enter. I entered this writing prompt and the last one. I really enjoy it. I'm definitely looking forward to the feedback.

    Also, could you say how many entries there were? I'm just curious.

  5. Do you think if we never place it means we won't become a published author?

    How do you know if you are a good writer or not?

  6. Yay! Can't wait to see the final announcements!

    Just wanted to remind you about the author interview on my blog!

    Book blogger

  7. Gretchen, there were 42 entries. Which is either our biggest yet, or tied for our biggest yet.

    Maddy, it's on my schedule for next week :)

    Anonymous (and others who may be feeling similarly) - Absolutely not. There's a huge difference in crafting 100 words and writing a novel. It's very possible that I might enter this contest and not make the top 20, let alone place in the top 3. They're different beasts. The winning entries have all been wonderful, but I've also read wonderful entries that HAVEN'T placed.

    How do you know if you're a good writer? That's a tough one to answer, especially in a comment box. Hopefully the answer I'm about to give will suffice - nobody starts out publishable, and there's no shame in that. I was a good writer in high school, but I still had a lot to learn. As a teen, I felt ashamed to not yet be at the caliber of publication. But why? My husband was brilliant with math and could whip up some pretty awesome Lego creations, but he still need 4 years of college to be an engineer.

    If you're here, and you're interested enough in writing to read blogs about it and enter contests, my guess is you're a good writer. Maybe you've found you have things to learn - that's okay. It doesn't mean you're a bad writer or it's never going to happen for you.

    I'm a published author, but I still have a couple of book ideas that I don't feel "ready for" yet. I think they're too big for my skill set, and I'm not sure I'm at the place where I could do them justice.

    Yikes, this comment has gotten long. What I'm trying to say is this - if I, Stephanie Morrill, who had no connections in the industry, a tendency to write tired plots, and had zero platform, can somehow stumble my way into getting published, I have no doubt that anybody in the Go Teen Writers community can do it too. All I knew was I loved writing, and my heart yearned to be better and to be published. If that's true of you, I think you've got a darn good shot.

  8. Proof right their that I would totally bomb the writing prompt contests - that response was 338 words.

  9. Um, and proof right THERE that I'm a writer who relies on her editors. I, of course, meant there. Not their. Sheesh. Signing off now in hopes of getting a full night's sleep.

  10. Cannot believe I placed! This is so so exciting! :) Never thought that I would actually win in this! Thanks for the opportunity, Stephanie!

  11. Wow, didn't get on till today. Can't wait to see how everyone did! I like reading the prompts!

  12. Lol Stephanie, I saw your comment to Anonymous... I had to say how much I loved that your husband can create awesome Lego creations! xD
    That sounds SO much like my dad hahaha! He can do awesome Lego stuff to lol. Sorry just had to comment on that. =D

    Congrats to all the winners! All of you must have a lot of skill to keep placing in the top 20 hah, I see most of the same people up there a lot, so you must be pretty dang good!

  13. I'm horrible with Legos. I build "towers." That's what I can manage. I can't even do houses because my daughter always wants a roof :)