Saturday, July 9, 2011

NextGen Writer's Conference

Just wanted to let you know, Shellie Neumeier (Driven, 2011) posted more details about the NextGen Writer's conference. I've reposted them below for your convenience, although you'll have to go over the conference page for the clickables to work. So, hie over to the conference page and get thee registered.

Glad so many of you asked. NextGenWriter’s Conference is a free, online conference designed to help authors under the age of twenty discover new craft techniques and improve their writing. But what does that mean? Let’s tease that apart a bit.

How does an “online conference” work?

During the conference (August 2-3), this site will have a special post that will serve as the welcome desk to your conference experience. Click-thru the welcome link and you will be led to a password-protected page. Once you have registered you will be included in an email that will receive the password. Use the code you will be given to enter into the conference site. All you need for the conference will be hosted through this web address and through your internet connection. No need to reserve hotel space, drive for miles, or even get out of your jammies. Each hour a new post on a new writing topic will go live and stay live for the duration of the conference (through midnight CST on August 3). All of our presenters know to visit back during the two-day conference to check for questions and comments on their perspective blog sessions. The posts will remain up beyond that time, but the comment sections will be disabled, so if you cannot check the web at anytime during those two days, you can always come back and catch-up.

Two special sessions will be hosted at the end of each night. We will have a moderated chat (right here on this website–just click thru the link again) at 9pm, CST on August 2 and a second one (to close the conference) on August 3. We hope you can join us for those times. Transcripts will be posted for attendees who cannot join us live, but the sessions should prove to be a lot of fun with plenty of great information, so we hope you will be available for those two times.

Which craft techniques and writing tips will we be highlighting?

Without spoiling a soon-to-be-released post (Presenters Schedule of Awesome Topics), I will say the line-up of presenters and topics to be discussed is amazing. If you haven’t already clicked on our Presenter’s page, please do so. A list of presenters and their websites (so you can get to know them better) is to your right. The Presenter’s page will remain live throughout the conference and beyond, so if you have questions for them after the conference or just want to follow their careers, that’s the place to connect with them.

The conference will be covering everything from your manuscript’s first five pages, character development, the world of publication, adding faith into your writing, world creation (think fantasy and sci-fi worlds), settings, and so much more. There will be an elevator pitch contest with prizes to be won (more on that to come next week), an opportunity to talk with an editor, and book giveaways throughout the two days.

With those two questions defined, we hope you have a better idea as to how this will work and what it will look like. However, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Either click on the “contact us” link or comment below and one of our coordinators will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, don’t forget to register. No registration…No pass code. No pass code…No conference. So register, today. See you August 2!

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