Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Elevator Pitch Winners

Last round, instead of doing our typical "100 word" contest, we did an elevator pitch/one-liner contest. What a tremendous display of creativity and talent! Below are the winners and some of their entries:

First Place

Tonya LaCourse
"A shy college co-Ed becomes a summer camp counselor to be near her crush, who she's never spoken to, only to meet to her co-counselor—his longtime girlfriend."
The Judge Says: Love the desire of the coed and the promised conflict. I can picture the setting and the characters. I like that you had a clear focus. Great job!

Courtney Calvert:
"An independent and illustrious Yankee teen tries to make it on her own in the nation's capital while relying on her new Southern friend to help her stop Lincoln's assassination."
The Judge Says: One word for this…COOL!!!! I want to read it! Love the twist at the end about Lincoln. I didn’t see that coming.

Rebecca Pennefather

Second Place

Rebecca Pennefather (also placed first)

Rachel Crew
"A fearful young princess is thrown into an adventure involving wild escapes, unlikely friendships, and abundant revenge."
The Judge Says: This pitch, for me, hinged entirely on the word "fearful." The notion of a scared girl confronting wild, unlikely adventures has to involve interesting conflicts plus who could resist "abundant" revenge!

Ellyn Gibbs
"When a sailor girl meets a nobleman masquerading as a pirate, she is forced into a search for a legendary magic spear that will determine the future of her country."
The Judge Says: Love the sailor girl references and the reference to a nobleman pretending to be a pirate. Sounds like a great movie!

Third Place

Rebekah Hart
"A Messianic Jew knows what he's getting into when he rescues a kidnapped Muslim girl, but he didn't anticipate just how far they'd be pursued or his own heart's recklessness."
The Judge Says: Great intrigue and maybe a bit of a love story? This sounds like a great adventure. I’m interested

Jenna Blake Morris
"A teenage girl discovers she’s part of an ancient race that protects other dimensions, or worlds—but before she and her teammates can save the worlds, they must save themselves."
The Judge Says: Race against time element of this pitch made it intriguing.

Clare Kolenda
"After his dark secret ruins his reputation, a recording artist seeks help from a renowned but uptight producer, not knowing she'd turn out to be his toughest critic."
The Judge Says: I really like the recording artist theme, very unique in today’s market.

Honorable Mentions
Ellyn Gibbs (also placed second)
Rebekah Hart (also placed third)
Alyssa Liljequist (two votes for HM)
Kaitlyn Evensen
Micah Eaton
Rachelle Rea

This round's writing prompt is live! Check it out by clicking here.

Wonderful seeing so many of you this morning at the NextGen Writer's Conference!


  1. They are all so good! If I found any of these books in a book shop I would read them!:)

    - Elisabeth Greenwood

  2. Any chance we could see some of the feedback the judges gave? I think that would help me understand what makes a synopsis good. I always love hearing what the judges have to say about the winning entries!


  3. I'm with Jordan -- I'd love some ways to improve. Or I suppose I could go back a couple of posts. :D

  4. YES, I can! It'll take me just a bit to gather the comments, but I'll get them up.

  5. I really enoyed seeing everyone's one-liners! Very creative and enticing! I would pick these up in a bookstore in a minute...I hope one day I will get the chance!

  6. Thanks for posting the feedback!