Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two Writing Opportunities for Teens

The first is Starsongs Magazine has an immediate need for Christmas or winter-themed short stories. The word count for stories is 1200 - 1500 and for essays 200 - 300. They do accept some light Christian content, but Starsongs is a general market publication, so keep that in mind. And they're on a very tight deadline over there so if you can have your submission in by Friday, that would be ideal. For questions, email Patti Shene: starsongs.mag(at)gmail.com

I also received an email from Hilary Weisman Graham, whose debut YA novel, Reunited, is set to release next summer. Hilary is interested in having teenage writers guest post on her blog. In her own words:
I’m specifically looking for posts that relate to REUNITED’s central story and themes. These topics include: friendship break-ups, road trip stories, loving a rock band, and ex-best friends.
The tag-line for REUNITED is:
1 concert
2,000 miles
3 Ex-best friends
You can find out more about Hilary and Reunited at the following places:

Her website

If you're interested in contributing, you can contact Hilary here.

Happy writing, guys!


  1. For "star songs" is there a theme with the short story?:) Would they like something in particular?

  2. Yes, it should be Christmas or winter related.

  3. Can someone from Australia enter too?:)

  4. Wow and I was just thinking about short stories for star songs, lol. I'll have to get on that.

  5. Lol, anonymous. I don't see why they would care about where you reside, but I'll double check!

  6. For my Australian writer, I checked with Patti and she said:

    The only issue we have, I believe, is that the person have a paypal
    account to accept payment. Unfortunately, with the exchange rate, I don't think it amounts to much, but we have accepted work from international authors.

  7. um....does that mean yes?

    ( sorry, I'm just really excited!)

    I love Go Teen Writers.:)

  8. It means yes, but your compensation won't be as good.

    And I love Go Teen Writers too!

  9. :) lol Thank you so much for your help!