Monday, November 7, 2011

Writing Prompt: If only they could see me now.

The combination of the time change here in America and a whirlwind trip to Chicago has me feeling a bit bleary eyed today. But I got to hang out with the beautiful, talented Jill Williamson, and that made for a great trip.

This picture suggests that we did something besides sit in a hotel conference room all day.  Which, other than these 2 minutes on the shuttle, isn't true.
And I was breathing the same air as Lisa Samson, who wrote The Passion of Mary-Margaret, one of my all-time faves. Any weekend that puts me that close to Lisa Samson is a good one, in my opinion. A bolder person would have said something to her, but I have a phobia about meeting celebrities due to a bad experience with Tyler Florence.

This post is rapidly spiraling to an uncomfortable place.

On with this round's contest.

This round's sentence: If only they could see me now.

Special rules: Until now you've always had to use the sentence first or at the end, but this time you can put that sentence anywhere in the 100 words. It can be first. It can be last. It can be the fifth. You get the idea.

Due date: Wednesday, November 16th by 11:59 pm Kansas City time

How to send it: Either by clicking here or sending it to Stephanie(at) No attachments, please! Include your full name and your email address.

Must be 25 or younger to enter. One entry per person por favor.

For those who might be new to Go Teen Writers' contests (or for those who just like to reread the rules), your job is to write a 100 word entry using the above sentence. Your 100 words should read like the opening of a novel. This usually involves giving us an idea of who the character is, where they are, and what they're trying to accomplish at the moment. If you have more questions, you can check out the FAQ page. You can also see winning entries by clicking here.

And here are your wonderful judges:

Melanie Dickerson
Melanie Dickerson is an award-winning author who earned her bachelor’s degree in special education from The University of Alabama. She has taught in Georgia, Tennessee, Germany and the Eastern European country of Ukraine. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Romance Writers of America (RWA), she now spends her time writing and taking care of her husband and two daughters near Huntsville, Alabama.

Betsy St. Amant

Betsy St. Amant lives in Louisiana and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers . Betsy is multi-published through Steeple Hill and has been published inChristian Communicator magazine andPraise Reports: Inspiring Real Life Stories of How God Answers Prayer. One of her short stories appears in a Tyndale compilation book, and she is also multi-published through The Wild Rose Press. She has a BA in Christian Communications and regularly freelances for her local newspaper. Betsy is a fireman’s wife, a mommy to a busy toddler, a chocolate-loving author and an avid reader who enjoys sharing the wonders of God’s grace through her stories. Look for Addison Blakely: Adventures of a PK in January 2012!

Fred Warren
Fred Warren writes science fiction and fantasy. His short stories have appeared in a variety of print and online magazines, including Kaleidotrope, Every Day Fiction, Bards & Sages Quarterly, and Allegory. His first novel, The Muse, debuted in November 2009 from Splashdown Books, and was a finalist for the American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award for book of the year in the speculative genre. Fred works as a government contractor in eastern Kansas, where he lives with his wife and three children. You can find him online at


  1. Cool prompt, Stephanie! I've always wanted to do a paragraph with this in it. I had a question, though. Did you send out the feedback from last round? If you did, it didn't make it to my inbox. :( Anyway, i was just a little confused about that. :)

  2. Sorry about the delay. They aren't quite ready yet. Soon!

  3. Oh, okay. I just wanted to make sure it didn't get lost. No hurry. Also, my sister doesn't have email, but would like to enter. Can I email you both of ours, correctly labeled. And if so, do you want me to put them into two different emails?

  4. I'd love to have your sister enter, Becki! For clarity's sake, just send them in 2 separate emails.

  5. My creative juices are already flowing. I wonder if my friend will want to do this one.

  6. I love this prompt! Can't wait to write.

  7. I love all these different twists Stephanie! I just finished The Merchants Daughter(who loves free books from publishers?) and I loved it! I couldn't pick which one I loved more the first or this one. And of course I've been waiting for Betsy's book :) I'm going to really work on it this time. No last minute rush of *maybe* genius 100 words. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  8. oooh, great sentence! And I love the new rules for this one. Coolio! :)

    To echo Sierra, I just finished Melanie Dickerson's latest and found it to be superb. :) I'm so excited that she's a judge this round!

  9. Last time I judged I was really impressed with the genius up-and-coming writers here! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    And thanks, Sierra and Rachelle, for the kind words about The Merchant's Daughter. :-) It's finally releasing this month!

    And thanks to Stephanie for all her support of young writers! You rock!

  10. Lisa Samson! Eek! Hollywood Nobody is such an awesome series!

    Woo, new prompt. :D

    It's so cool -- when I was little, I read books. And I dreamed of becoming an author.
    But I never imagined I'd be talking to authors and everything... we're blessed, aren't we?

  11. Great sentence prompt and such a good picture of you and Jill! Fun, fun! xoxo

  12. I am definitely going to make sure I get this one turned in on time! I did the last two prompts, but never got around to entering them. Anyways, I really like this prompt! :)

  13. This prompt looks like a lot of fun :D I'm going to try to enter this one!

  14. Glad you guys like the prompt! I was a little nervous about it.

    Emii, I KNOW. It had crossed my mind that she might be there, but when the presenter drew attention to her presence, I had a serious, "Oh my gosh, it's Lisa Samson!!!" thing going on in my head.

    Melanie, thanks so much for judging! Love seeing your beautiful new cover art up there :)

    Julie, I didn't get to say goodbye to you on Saturday! I was delayed in leaving the room, then got out to the lobby in time to catch the shuttle. Glad we at least had our brief visit by the coffee pot :)

    Tabitha! Turn 'em in, girl! :)

  15. Haha, Stephanie, that's hilarious. :) The first day of my first writer's conference this summer, I was talking to my Mom. "So-and-so is going to be there!! Such-and-such is going to be there!!!!" (Imagine my voice getting higher and higher.)


  16. I really really like this prompt! :) I'm excited!!

  17. While working on an entry for this round, I came up with a question: Is it alright if our entries are about heavy subjects such as drugs?

  18. Tabitha, I don't have a list of "don't go there" subjects or anything. I leave it to the judges' discretion.

    Throughout the year, there have been a couple entries that are pretty sexually explicit. The writing was fine, but those didn't make the top 20. Those are the only ones I can think of that have gone too far, yet many entries have touched on heavier subjects.

    Great question!

  19. Would we be aloud to change it to "If only YOU could see me know"?

  20. Anonymous, for it to be completely fair, I think everyone needs to bound by the same words.