Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Top 65 and Prizes to Be Announced!

The 265-word free write was the final contest of 2011, which means the following list is the final standings from this year:

1. Katy McCurdy
2. Jordan Newhouse
3. Rebecca Pennefather, Rebekah Hart
4. Courtney Calvert
5. Faye Rhys
6. Alyssa Liljequist, Ellyn Gibbs
7. Kait Culbertson
8. Jenna Blake Morris
9. Monica Burke, Sammie Weiss, Imogen Elvis, Rachelle Rea, Clare Kolenda, Micah Eaton
10. Emily West, Rayna Huffman, Tonya La Course, Lindsey Bradford
11 Kaitlyn Evensen, Heidi Vanderveen
12. Rye Mason, Abbie Mauno, Esther Wong, Rachel Crew, Jessica Staricka
13. Joshua Hildebrandt
14. Rachel Twombly, Emii Krivan, Rachel Heffington, Korie Mulholland, Joe Duncko, Jordan Graham, Carilyn Everett, Helga Oskarsdottir, Gillian Adams
15. Sarah Posey, Mary Quinn, Sierra Bennett, Talia DeAndrea, Teddy Chan, Nicki Taylor, Sarah Faulkner, Bethany Forster, Morgan Sutton, Whitney Stephens, Jessi Roberts, Emma King, Cosette Russell
16. Moriah Newhouse, Charlotte Buzzard, Sarah Zakowski, Jennifer Grimes, Avery Wall, Katie Scheidhauer, Sarah Luckadoo, Alyson Schroll, Georgina Caballero, Adria Olson, Savannah Daniels, Melanie G. Schroeder, Isla Patterson, Jessica Zelli, Nicole Goddard

Congratulations to everyone! Hundreds participated this year, and it was super fun reading all the entries and experiencing your creativity.

The 65 people listed above not only receive bragging rights (and who doesn't love those?) but they've all be automatically entered to win a variety of prizes - including critiques and free books from wonderful authors like Jill Williamson, Shellie, Neumeier, and Roseanna White.

Also, the first and second place winners (Katy and Jordan) will receive a full manuscript critique, and the third place winners (Rebecca and Rebekah) will receive a partial manuscript critique. Something I noticed about all four girls is they were consistent, creative, brave (attempted new styles/techniques), and had very clean, typo-free writing. That doesn't apply to just them, certainly, but it's something worth noting.

2012 will bring a whole new batch of writing opportunities and contests. Don't get left out! Make sure you're plugged in to Go Teen Writers (you can receive posts by email [I moved the sign up to the top right of the page for today], sign up for the newsletter, or join the Go Teen Writers Facebook group.)

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Yay!! So proud of you all, and especially our winners! You guys put a lot of hard work into these contests this year, and it was a true pleasure to get to read your work! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with in 2012!!

  2. Congratulations everyone! Especially you, Katy :)


  3. Congrats to the four top girls :) And Yay I made it :) Bragging needs to be done to my friends now :P Cannot wait for 2012 Stephanie!!!!!!! Thanks for doing this. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  4. The contests have seriously been one of the highlights of my year :)

  5. Congrats, all! I stopped doing the contests when school started (blah) but I had so much fun getting critiques from the judges and I enjoyed the suspense of each round!

  6. Congratulations everyone!!
    Thank you Stephanie and thank you judges!

  7. I loved doing all these prompts. I only won once, but I don't enter to win. I entered, every time, so I could get the feed-back and learn from it. Thanks so much for putting this together.


  8. Good job everyone! Can't wait until 2012, I'm bringing my A game. It was a great learning experience and I'm ready for an entire new year of Go Teen Writers! I've only got five more until I'm technically an adult.

  9. Congrats, Katy and Jordan, Rebecca and Rebekah! What an insanely awesome prize. Thankyou, Steph and all the judges because it's been what I probably didn't even recognize as a great opportunity and a neat experience, to have authors read and critique our writing.