Thursday, February 23, 2012

Teen Writer Critique Groups and News Day

Lots of you have asked me about critique groups for teen writers, so I'm really excited to share this bit of news with you:
Coming in March, NextGenWritersGo Teen Writers, and Teenage Author join forces to build and encourage writers under twenty. Join us in March (specific date still to be decided!) as we form small groups designed to hone, encourage, and critique our stories. For more details on what critique groups look like and how to sign up, make sure to read Nicole O'Dell's "critique sandwich" on

Also, this round's contest is still opened, so don't miss your chance to try out the first 100 words of your manuscript on multi-published authors Christa Allan and Betsy St. Amant. Click here for more details on this round's writing contest.

News from our community:

From Alyssa Liljequist: I was the grand prize winner in the first quarterly Euterpe YA Short Story Contest! My e-book, Deadly Delirium, releases on February 24, 2012. I was interviewed on the Euterpe blog here. You can buy a copy of Deadly Delirium here.

If you maintain an active blog and would like to interview me, please leave a comment on my blog: Thanks!

Way to go, Alyssa!

Katelyn Whitley: I'm in the process of re-writing the first 3 chapters of my unfinished novel, Endangered. Once I do that, I plan on writing a few more chapters, then editing those.

Congratulations, Katelyn!

Roseanna M. White just signed her first 3-book deal, with Harvest House Publishers, for the Culper Ring Series. Beginning in the Revolutionary War and going through the War of 1812 and the Civil War, these historical romances follow the nation's first spy ring as they quietly fight for the country they love.

I had the privilege of getting a sneak peek at the first book, and I can't wait for her to write the next two!

If you have news you'd like to share with us - finishing revisions on your novel, finishing your website, sending in your first query letter - email me at Stephanie(at) with "News Day" in the subject line.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!


  1. CRITIQUE GROUPS!!! :D I can't wait for that one.

    I keep forgetting to send my news in to you, Stephanie >.< So I'll just add it here, if that's okay.

    My News- TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! (not revealing age, just know it's wicked awesome) And my friend and I have started the process of editing our book.

  2. Congrats to everyone on their productivity! :) It's inspiring for me to achieve to the same! ;)

    @Random Thinker- Happy Birthday! :)

  3. A book about the Culper Ring! Alright! I'm excited. Ok, so I feel like a total history nerd, but I absolutely can't wait to read a book about our amazing early American spies. :)

    1. Aren't they cool? =) From the moment I first heard about them, I said, "I need to have them in a book!" Finally decided they deserved their own--and am so blessed that Harvest House agreed with me! I'm sooooooo excited about these! Just over ten months until release . . . =)

  4. The link to Deadly Delirium no longer works for some reason. Here is a link that works instead:

    The spy series sounds so cool! I love historical fiction.

    1. Likely my fault. Thanks for the correction, Alyssa!

  5. Way to go, everyone! Roseanna, that is super-exciting! :)