Saturday, April 28, 2012

Winning entries from, "This is not what I expected."

Many, many thanks to judges Laura L. Smith and Tiffany Rott for taking the time to select this round's winners. They were quite unanimous!

First Place
Gillian Adams - 2 votes

Second Place
Kayla Anne CP - 2 votes

Third Place
Clare Kolenda
Jordan Newhouse

Honorable Mentions
Paulina Czarnecki
Alison Schneider

For your reading pleasure, here are some of the winning entries:

By Gillian Adams, 2 votes for 1st

His eyes stare up at me. Pale blue like the arctic sky, but lifeless as the ice beneath my feet. Dead. A prickle creeps up my arms and the sword falls from my numb fingers, cleaving a bloodstained gash in the snow.

Grey frosts my vision. A crimson river mars the pure white surface of the earth. My blood. This is not what I expected. A victor cheated of victory. Revenge stolen by the one who had already stolen everything. My family, throne, honor – all gone.

The earth seems to tilt and I fall. Cold seeps into my heart.

He has stolen everything. Including my life.

The judges say: Your incredible descriptions give me goosebumps, literally and figuratively . I'm intrigued to see where you take the story from here. Beginning a novel with someone's, presumably the protagonist's death, is a great (and not what I expected ) lead.

The description pulled me into the story right away and the bold to the twist at the end made me desperate to know what happens next.  

By Kayla Anne CP, 2 votes for 2nd

My heart sank as the last arrow from my quiver sunk, just shy of the bulls-eye, into the target with a heartless thud. I knew I ought to keep practicing, but the pile of failed shots clumped below the target discouraged me.

"Well, well, well," said my best friend Michael, "This is not what I expected from The Amelie's daughter." He ran a finger dramatically through his short chestnut curls, accentuating my mother's name and reminding me it was her legacy, not my own, I served to prove.

"Lay off Micky! You know the sword is my thing."

"Of course. Pointy and very, very sharp."

The judges say: The banter between the characters shows their personalities and makes me want to read more about them.

You did an excellent job of presenting your characters with so few words. I feel I already know, and like, the heroine. I'd be excited to see where this novel takes her. 

By Clare Kolenda, 3rd Place

Skin so soft it is like satin. Angelic face and clear blue eyes just like mine. Cradling my daughter to my chest, I feel the deepest love that my teenage heart has ever felt. This is not what I expected.
The nurse comes in the room. “It’s time to let me take her now.”
Protectiveness rises in me and I turn as if I can see through the hospital’s pale blue walls, to where I know the adoptive parents must be waiting in anticipation.
Little Rose starts to cry, and my hear t writhes in pain.
I hold my baby tighter.  “I can’t give her up.”

The judge says: The emotions in this scene feel very real and natural and push the story forward.


  1. Gosh those all sound really cool! It makes ME want to read them.

  2. Excellent job! I am excited to see others doing so well!

  3. Way to go, winners! I loved reading the entries, they were fantastic!!

  4. Three cheers from the winners! Gillian, yours was (as always) phenomenal. Who did he just kill? How did he get kiled? Where are they? It's amazing.

    Again, congratulations to all! :D

    1. Thanks Allison! Very sweet of you to say so! The entries were all super, weren't they? So enjoyed reading all of them. Hmmm, questions... guess you'll just have to read the book to find out! After I write it of course. :)

  5. I fell in love with Kayla Anne's little blurb... I kind of have a crush on Michael now lol, sounds like a handsome sassy dude. :) I would pick that up if it was a book :D

    1. I know, I totally want to read this book now :)

    2. Lol, Jazmine. "Handsome and sassy."

  6. Why can't all books be as good as these entries? Go Teen Writers! And thanks for sharing and congrats to all!

    1. I know! These entries would make amazing books!

    2. The good new is that reading this, I feel, is a sneak preview of the next generation of published writers and books :)

  7. I hope everyone on here gets published someday, because I really want to read these stories now!

  8. By the way, when's the next contest?

    1. Wednesday, May 2nd is when the next contest starts.

  9. Wow, those entries are all fantastic! I'm duly impressed. :) Congratulations, everyone - and thank you so much to Laura and Tiffany for judging! I can't wait to enter the next contest! :D

  10. Wow! These are fantastic entries!! Congrats to the winners!

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  11. Oh, my goodness. It's amazing what people come up with. Congrats to the winners, and I'm in love with Gillian's. :D

  12. Congrats to all the winners! Everyone's entries were amazing. I was over the top impressed with the writing quality. Keep up the good work.