Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two more chances to win the Go Teen Writers book!

by Stephanie Morrill

The blog tour continues! We're on two more great blogs today, which means you have two more chances to win the Go Teen Writers book!

On Book Hi we talk about Should You Write for the Market Or Yourself?

And on The Ramblings of a Young Author we discuss Bad First Drafts, and what even the worst of them should have before you move on to edits.


  1. Thanks for all these chances to win your book, Mrs. Morrill! I have a question, though: will you announce the people who've won on here, as well as on those blogs?

  2. Are you going to gather all your interviews and guestposts somewhere? They're really useful and I want to read them later again, but it's a lot of work to copy them from all the different blogs...

    And Sarah's question is mine as well.

  3. The host will get a hold of you and pass your email address onto us :)

    Arende, yes, I can do that!