Friday, January 24, 2014

Winning Entries from the "Every word he spoke was a lie" contest

Congratulations to the winners of our last contest!

First place: Anastasia Knudsen
Second place: Lani Southern
Third place: Emma V.
Fourth place: Anonymous Etcetera
Fifth place: Carissa B.

Honorable mentions:
Meghan Gorecki
C. Everett
Corwynne Forsyth
TW Wright
Cathy Baker
Leanna Logan

The winners were kind enough to let us publish their entries below:

By Anastasia Knudsen:

Every word he spoke was a lie.
And I suppose words in and of themselves aren't lies; each word is neutral until it is beaded against another. Each syllable cocks itself until all at once it has meaning and meaning slams you full.
"You think too much," she had told me, tugging my ear. "Too much and too hard."
I'm not thinking right now. I don't want to think, let alone comprehend.
Eloise. A noun, not a lie. She was never a lie.
Is. A verb.
Dead. A truth? A lie? A fleeing heart, a fluttering eye, a wandering soul?

I don't know, but consider me hit.

Why this entry rocks: The language of this is beautiful and poetic. Despite how short it is, the storyworld feels very full. And I love the concept of words working together to make lies.

By Lani Southern:

Every word he spoke was a lie. Everyone knew. How could he be such a terrible liar?
The boy's story came out faster and faster, false and desperate. As if by speaking so quickly, he could hide the insincerity with which he spoke the words.
A crack like a breaking bone. Suffocating silence. No words, just the signal, and then two men came to lead the boy away. The boy's fingers flitted up to his neck, touching the skin for perhaps the last time before the noose was placed there.

I stood. My turn. And my lies had better be good.

Why this entry rocks: The surprise upon discovering what's actually happening in this scene, is amazing. So creative and well written.

By Emma V.:

Every word he spoke was a lie. The truth resounded with a tremor throughout my entire body. I shuddered. To think I had once loved him, let him love me back. The thought was inconceivable.

“Irene! Where did you disappear to?”

A voice jutted into my thoughts. His voice.

My eyes darted around the room like a frightened animal’s. Footsteps were audible down the hall. There was no time. As much as I’d like to avoid it, I knew I’d have to face him.

The door slammed open before I even had time to collect my thoughts. I gulped.
He stepped into the room.

“There you are.”

Why this entry rocks: This entry has wonderful pacing and does a great job hinting at a bigger story.

By Anonymous Etcetera:

Every word he spoke was a lie.

She knew that now.

The girl's eyes fluttered and a tear rolled slowly down her cheek. She rested her head against the taxi window. Her hands closed around the familiar sweatshirt sleeves.

The same oversized sweatshirt. It used to be soft- but the softness had worn off and was hanging on in resilient, sad clumps.

 It smelled of boy.
Barely, though. But it was there.
There were some things you can't wash out.

There were many things you can’t forget.

Why this entry rocks: I really love the mood of this one. I was hooked with the description of the sweatshirt.

By Carissa B.:

Every word he spoke was a lie. The deceit curled up from my enemy’s lips in tangible wisps, inky tendrils no-one else could see. I’d have to be careful getting close. The last time those tendrils touched me, the rash burned for days. Truth struck out like lightning, shocked people into clarity. Empty words and frivolities fell to the ground with little effect.
But lies… lies burned. And if allowed to spread, they would take this city to the ground.
With luck, the fire wouldn’t spread too quickly. If it did, I would be the only one stopping it.

What fun.

Why this entry rocks: Not only is the premise intriguing, but I love the word choice and the hint of a sarcastic narrator.

Great job, everyone!


  1. What Sofia said! great job everyone, they were all awesome! :)

  2. Great job everyone! I'm glad to lose to great writing as this : )

  3. These are all so amazing! But I agree with your choice of first place winner. Consider me hit as well.

  4. Great job everybody! And, of course, Etcetera. (I sort of know her--does that make me famous? :P)

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  6. Congrats to all the winners!
    My favorite is probably the second-place entry, actually.

  7. Wow, no wonder I didn't make it. These are all awesome. :)

    I need to take notes. ;)

    I just started a blog, if anyone wants to check it out. Just click on my name. :)

  8. Congrats everyone! These are all so great!

  9. Congratulations to all the winners! It was so much fun (and inspiring) to read the winners' entries!

    Mrs. Morrill/Mrs. Williamson,

    I've been following your blog for several months and have enjoyed learning so much about writing from it. Thank you for investing the time to nurture an upcoming generation of writers! This past contest was the first one I've entered, but I haven't received my comments yet. Will you be sending out the comments soon? Thanks--I'm really excited to see them!


    1. I've emailed feedback, so I'm guessing it just got lost in cyber space! Send me an email (Stephanie(at) and I'll hunt it down for you!

  10. Congrats winners! They're all so great!

  11. Wow. Congratulations, everyone!
    Will there be another contest soon?

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    TW Wright
    Ravens and Writing Desks

  13. Congrats all! I loved the stories.

    Emma- really liked yours. It felt like Beauty and the Beast in a way. I had this feeling that this girl was kidnapped or something :D Don't know if that was what you were aiming for, but wow! Awesomeness!

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    These are so unique and intriguing. Great job!

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