Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Top 20 and a Word War Weekend

In alphabetical order, here are the writers whose entries will advance to the next round:

A.C. Young
Ajax Cochrane
Anastasia Elizabeth K.
Anna G
Braden Russell
Deborah Rocheleau 
Elizabeth Liberty Lewis
Emily Walker
Jamie B.
Katheline Hansen
Leanna Logan
MacKenzie Pauline
Meghan Gorecki
Micheila Thiele
Rachelle Rea
S. Alex Martin
Sam Whitehouse
Sierra Abrams
Sierra Bailey 
The Russian Pianist

Congratulations, writers! If your name is on this list, your entry has been sent on to our second round judges, Laura Anderson Kurk and Shannon Dittemore

If your name isn't on the list, I'll be sending your feedback to the email address you provided when you entered the contest. You can expect your feedback by the end of the week.

In other exciting news, this weekend Go Teen Writers is hosting a word war!

What is a word war?
A word war is a competition to see who can write the most words in a set period of time. Sometimes people word war for hours. Sometimes for fifteen minutes. This time we're doing it for a long weekend. 

When is it?
Thursday, April 3rd through Monday, April 7th. You can join us for any of the days and times you're available.

Where will it be? 
Right here on the blog. There'll be a post each day, and you can leave comments as you make progress throughout the day or just post your word total when you're done writing. You can also leave comments of encouragement for the other writers.

Why do a word war?
Not only do word wars help you focus on your story for a period of time, but you can get a break from the isolation of writing. You get to encourage writers and be encouraged as well.

Are there prizes?
Other than the joy of boosting your word count and enjoying a fun community of writers for a weekend? No, no prizes.

Hope to see you here on Thursday!


  1. Yay to all those advancing to the next round! So excited for y'all. :) Keep up the great work!

    And a weekend long word-war? Fun!!!

  2. Congrats, ya'll!
    So the word war is for everyone, even the people who didn't win? And it's all weekend?

    1. I'll wait for Stephanie to weigh in on this, but I'm 99.99999% sure that the word war is open for everybody. That'd be cruel to say 'Ok winners! Let's exclude everyone and have an uber-fun word war and brag about it all week on the blog in your faces! Ha!" So, yes, the word war is for everyone. ;)

    2. I asked my mom, and she said I could participate, as long as it doesn't interfere with my school work. May I join you Friday afternoon, instead of Thursday?

    3. Just whenever works for your schedule!

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  4. Congratulations, everyone! Looking forward to having feedback. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Thanks for the word war too. One question: can we do it in our own time zones? That would mean some would start earlier than others, but then they'd end earlier too. Thanks again


  5. Congrats to everyone moving on!

    Word war! *sings* Oh, you got to write as many words as you can . . .
    Sorry, I love that song. xD Looking forward to the word war; hopefully I'll be able to participate!

  6. I know so many of those names! Congratulations, EVERYONE! It takes a lot of courage to enter something like this. Thank you so much for how much work you put into this contest, Jill and Stephanie! We really appreciate it.

    And I am so excited for the word war! I love that it came just in time for Camp NaNo. My secret goal is that I'll finish the first draft of my novel sometime over the weekend, but we'll see.
    ~Sarah Faulkner


  7. I can't believe my name is on the list! So beyond honored. Thank you times a million. I needed that piece of news after the crazy weird week I just had.

  8. Congrats everyone! The word war sounds fun.

  9. So glad about the word war! I've been needing something to urge me to write more...

  10. *gasp* I can't believe it! :D

  11. Is this for the 1000 word challenge? Either way, congrats to everyone on the list!

  12. What? Where is Gillian Adams, our GTW contest-winning queen? Is she published or something?

    (Congratulations everyone else, too! I'm dying to read everyone's 1000 words. Then I'm going to die again because I can't read the rest of everyone's books. :P)

  13. Congrats to the top 20!

    As for the contest...*squeals* I can't wait! :)


  14. This is great Stephanie! I could use the motivation to finish a short story I've been working on. :D And get started on a longer project I've been working on. :D

  15. Congrats to the top 20! Looking forward to my feedback :)

    And so excited for the word war. Will be a great way to kick of Camp NaNoWriMo

  16. Congrats to the finalists! :)

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  18. Congrats to all the finalists!!! =D
    I hopefully will be here for a couple of the words wars--but not too many since my friend is staying for the weekend. =/ But hopefully I'll be here Thursday, Sunday, and Monday! =D

    TW Wright

  19. Congratulations to the finalists!

  20. Congrats to the top 20! Thank you so much Stephanie and Jill for all the work and time you put into this contest!
    I'm so excited for the word war! Just started Camp NaNo, and let's just say I'm off to a bit of a rocky start. The extra boost will be great! :D

    Katheline Hansen

  21. Congratulations to the Top 20!!!!!!!! That is such an awesome achievement!!!! :)

    Stephanie and Jill, thank you so much for judging and creating this contest. The feedback I received was thought-provoking, which is always good when it comes to improving my craft. And really, congrats to you guys for selecting only 20 finalists! That would be sooo hard, because I know this community is full of talented writers!! :)

    Have a lovely day!


  22. Congratulations to the Top 20!
    Thank you, Stephanie and Jill, for your time and effort!
    I can't wait to read everyone's entries! :)

  23. Congrats to the finalists! I am so excited for you!

  24. Congrats everyone!

    I can't wait for the Word War! I have a few college papers that are due soon, and if I get them done fast enough I'll start working on my WIP again with the Word War! :D :D :D

  25. Congrats to all the finalists!! Everyone should be proud of themselves, even if they didn't make it in the Top 20 :)

    I'm so excited for the Word War. I need to start writing regularly again!

  26. The Russian PianistApril 2, 2014 at 2:07 PM

    Dear Mrs. Morrill & Mrs. Williamson,

    Thank you so much for hosting this incredible contest and upcoming word war! That's a huge time commitment to read and give feedback on 200,000 words. I so greatly appreciate your dedication to helping teen writers develop their craft!

    A couple of questions about the 1,000 word contest:
    1) For the top 20, will the judges read our entries anonymously?
    2) How many contestants will proceed to the final round?

    Thanks so much!
    -The Russian Pianist

    1. Yes, everything is completely anonymous for the judges. And five entries will be sent on to Amanda Luedeke.

    2. The Russian PianistApril 6, 2014 at 10:32 PM

      Thanks so much for answering my questions! Even if I don't make finals, what a privilege and a blessing it is to have made it to the top 20.

      -The Russian Pianist

  27. Yay everyone! Awesome job, guys.

    Ooooh another Word War. Heheh. How'd you know I was slacking off on writing?

  28. Thank you SO MUCH, Stephanie and Jill, for doing this writing contest. I hadn't entered a writing contest since I was ten or eleven, and I'm so excited I'm able to participate in this one! I freaked out when I saw my name on this list. This is so amazing. I feel so honored and blessed. :)

    Thanks again for doing this and everything else you do! This blog is by far my favorite place to get writing advice and encouragement.

    Emily Walker