Friday, August 1, 2014

Link Love: Tweetalongs, synonym finders, marketing with Goodreads, and more!

by Stephanie Morrill

The internet is full of great resources for writers. Here are a few that I hope will be helpful to you!

Curious about the day-to-day life of police officers?
The Kansas City, Missouri police department hosts "Tweetalongs" where, as you might guess, they Tweet about what they're doing for a period of time. Actually, they're doing one today from 10am-2pm central time. Here's where you can follow the KCPD Tweetalong.

Speaking of Twitter...

Go Teen Writers is now active on Twitter. You can follow us @GoTeenWriters.

Trouble making time for writing?
I loved this article on Seekerville from Preslaya Williams about juggling the people who need you and your writing. Don't be fooled by title; it's not just for moms and dads! Click here o see some really nifty ideas for making time for your writing.

Are you marketing a book?
Jill shared a really interesting article with me on Goodreads giveaways. If you're at a marketing place in your career, this is a great article on the science of a successful Goodreads giveaway.

Still need those key scene list templates?
They went out with the Go Teen Writers newsletter, but if you missed them, they're now available on my website under free downloads for teen writers.

Members of the Go Teen Writers Facebook group frequently post links to helpful sites. (If you're a teen writer who would like to join the group, make sure to let me know after you apply. I'm cautious about who I let in, so if I don't recognize a name, I often deny membership.)

Bethany Baldwin shared a Synonym Finder website that's pretty nifty.
Lily Jenness posted a link to an article on How to Build a Fictional World That's "Real"
Elizabeth Liberty Lewis shared a great resource on realistic injuries for characters.

Have a fun resource you want to share? Do so in the comments below!


  1. A while back, my friend sent me the link to that realistic injuries article- it is wonderful. You don't know how much I use it. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

    A few random questions. Did anyone get to watch the new TV show, "The Quest", last night? (They mixed fantasy and reality TV.) It was good. One of the producers from LOTR is producing it. One of the places reminded me of a mix between Rohan and Minias Tirith. IT was awesome. And if you're a fantasy writer, like me, it might help get some creative juices flowing.

    This is a question for Mrs. Morrill, Mrs. Williamson, or really anyone: I can't decide whether or not to kill a character. He's a main character. Do you have any tips or anything to help me decide whether or not to kill him?

    Thanks :) (Wow, that comment was kinda long. XD)

    1. I didn't see it, no. Sounds like one that's worth watching. Thanks for the recommendation!

      And Jill wrote an article on killing characters that might be helpful:

  2. Is the Go Teen Writers Facebook group a critique group? I've been wanting to have other people critique some of my work for a while now, but I don't have Facebook, so I'm wondering if I should get one to join the group.

    1. It's not just a critique group but there's a lot of critique swapping that goes on, and I know some of them have formed critique groups from meeting there.

  3. This website is kind of fun. It's a fantasy name generator, and you can specify what type of names it gives you (short or long, apostrophe names, etc.).

  4. I love the kct tweet along! So cool. And thanks for these great resources. :D

  5. This is kind of off subject, but I tried to sign up for the gtw newsletter and it says I am signed up, but I haven't received one yet and you said you just sent one out. So what do I do? I signed up about a month ago. Thanks! Great post by the way. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing these! Very helpful :) Also happy to see GTW on Twitter...

  7. Here are some cool posts:

    On the effects of trauma:

    On common injuries:

    This blog is really great!

  8. I know wikipedia can be changed by just about anyone, but I have found it helpful a number times. My greatest resource is other writers. Before I begin anything I read other writings that have something to do with what I wish to write about.