Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sidney Sheldon on Playing God (And some Teen Author Boot Camp answers)

by Jill Williamson

I like this quote.

I'm not trying to say that in finishing a novel, I'm in any way equal to God, but I feel like these words capture the overwhelming feeling that comes over me when I set out to create something from nothing. It's not easy. And that blank page stares at me, reminding me that I'm only on page one of 300-500.

But when I finish that novel and hold the print version in my hands . . . Even though I still doubt that the book is perfect. I can't help but see that it is good.

How does the blank page make you feel?

Also, a few of you have asked questions about the Teen Author Boot Camp. Here are your answers:

Registration for Teen Author Boot Camp will open on December 1st.

Writers Cubed is offering ten need-based scholarships to the conference. On November 1, 2015 a "Scholarship" tab will appear on the Writers Cubed website where teens can apply online. You will be asked to write an explanation of why you feel you deserve the scholarship and also be asked to upload a letter of reference from a teacher. (If the teen is homeschooled, a letter may come from a non-family member). 

Scholarship applications will be accepted until January 15, 2015 and recipients will be announced no later than January 25, 2015. If applicants aren't granted one of the ten scholarships, they will still have a little time to catch early-bird registration which ends February 1, 2015.

I hope that helps!


  1. I love that quote! Of course we are in no way equal to God. :-)
    How does a blank page make me feel?
    As you said, a little daunting, but still- I love blank pages. Because they are there, waiting for us to written on with new, not-yet-written stories! Thank goodness for all the blank pages in the world! :-)

    1. It is exciting to think about all the stories that haven't yet been written that we will enjoy.

  2. That's a good quote! I love blank pages--like Naomi said, they're a new story waiting to be written. :)

  3. interesting quote. :)
    A blank paper makes me feel free, I can let my creativity flow unhindered and take me
    to various places in a matter of seconds.

  4. For me, blank paper is potential. As Michelangelo once said that every rock had a statue inside and he had only to chip away and find it, every blank sheet of paper contains a story. I just have to scratch away at it and find it.

    1. "Every blank sheet of paper contains a story." I like it.

  5. A blank page makes me feel free, like it's a chance to let flow my thoughts, emotions and potential onto the page, like a river, leaving sculpted a work of art from naught but the mind and the page. To unearth a story form my brain, waiting in there, somewhere. It can be a little daunting at time, but it's an exciting prospect in all, even to just stare at the page and think of all the wondrous possibilities that await. On the page, after all, anything is possible.

  6. Transportation doesn't happen to be included in the scholarship does it? Haha... Nice quote! :-)

  7. What kinds of things would someone bring to teen author boot camp?