Saturday, November 26, 2016

NaNoWriMo Days 26 and 27 Check-In

After writing 1,500 words this morning, I have a little over 5,500 left to write by the 30th. It really is hard to believe that the month is almost over.

I often stay off my computer on Sundays, so this will be our spot to share word counts for the 27th as well.

How much do you have left to write? Do you have any fun rewards planned for yourself when you're done?


  1. I am pretty far behind... I have the equivalent of 12,000 words left (I've been editing this month and translating the amount of time that I edit into number of words) and I think I can catch up but I really don't have the motivation to. The main reason that I'm editing this novel-length story is because I feel that it is a skill that will come in handy in the future. I've edited several short stories before and I think that I know more or less how to do that, but a novel-length story seems more intimidating to me so I was hoping to get a big chunk of that done during November. Now, however, I just don't want to do it anymore. November has been so hard, with everything surrounding the election and Thanksgiving and school in general, and I haven't felt creative since editing doesn't feel like a creative process to me. I really just want to write and I haven't had a lot of chances to do that. I would like to say that I have worked on editing this, and that I am close to finishing it, but I am not and I don't want to anymore. I'm struggling with feeling unaccomplished if I don't make it to the end of the month and just not wanting to do it... any advice?

    1. Judy, I understand. And I think this is a situation where you need to have grace for yourself. First of all, editing a novel for the first time is a huge endeavor. Even with the experience of editing several short stories (which is awesome) there's still a big learning curve.

      It's also been my experience that editing is very hard to rush. Unlike writing where you can think, "Well, I just need to get the words down, they don't have to be perfect yet," with editing the point is TRYING to make it perfect.

      So I think you should be kind to yourself, recognize what you've accomplished so far this month, and edit at your own pace.

  2. I wrote 6500+ words today, which is pretty good. I'm very happy with myself. Hopefully I can still get some more words in before go to sleep!

  3. Yesterday I hit 90k by writing the hands-down most intense scene I have ever written. It was so intense it made me cry when it was finally over. Ah, the emotional ups and downs of writing.