Monday, October 2, 2017

A "Sometimes Life Happens" Day

Stephanie here.

Sometimes we get busier than planned, and we still need to be disciplined with our creative pursuits, like blogging or writing. Other times, life hits you like a truck, and you have to walk away from them for a season.

Last week, I had the "hit like a truck" kind of experience, and putting together a blog post for today just didn't happen. Thank you for being the kind of community who would notice that I hadn't posted today, and who would wonder if something was wrong.

Jill and Shan will be here on Wednesday and Friday like normal, and I hope to be back next Monday.


  1. No worries. Thanks for letting us know! I hope whatever happened gets better.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that life has been getting hard for you. Don't worry at all about not having a blog post ready today - sometimes we all need a break. I hope that things get better soon.

  3. Don't worry about it... praying for you!

  4. Glad you are okay (or will be) and take care.

  5. I hope all is well. I'll be praying that whatever it is will pass over soon.