Saturday, October 21, 2017

Write Well is FREE today!

Hey there, GTWers! Rachelle here. Stephanie graciously invited me on today to talk about my short writing guide, Write Well, because today only Write Well is FREE to download from Amazon.

In Write Well, I outline the tools and techniques you need to truly master grammar–in an un-overwhelming way. That’s right. You won’t be yawning or weeping as you read these writing rules, just learning how to write stronger.
Whether you’re a grammar geek like me or totally intimidated by the thought of explaining a semi-colon, I’ll teach you make your words work for you. And you can download Write Well for free today!
Here’s what Stephanie has to say about Write Well: “This handy book makes the rules of grammar accessible and enjoyable. If you're looking for a guide that can explain grammar to you in a clear, quick way, then Write Well is the one for you.” - Stephanie Morrill
Why I Wrote Write Well
In college, when I was tired of writing papers (and as an English minor, I wrote a lot of papers!), I turned to writing a story. The stories I wrote then later became my first published books.
The Steadfast Love series was borne out of a love of history and a passion for true love. I still love history and true love (especially sharing sappy posts about my man on Instagram!). But I also now work as a freelance editor, coaching other writers like me on the path to publication.
I geek out teaching writers how to structure their writing so that they can make more room for the art and heart of whatever story they're telling. How? Through consultations and manuscript critiques and also...through Write Well, which is free today!
So if you would like to learn to write well, download your copy.

This Book Is For You If…

You dream of the day when you’ll sign your first book contract, get published, hold your book in your hands…and you know all you need to get you there are the tools that will equip you to write better so that you can resonate with your readers.
Or maybe you’re already a published author or a successful blogger, and you feel pretty confident about your writing abilities. Do you know for a fact you can wield a comma confidently every single time? Do you know the one thing an em-dash can do that no other piece of punctuation can? If you want all your deepest, darkest writing questions answered, I’ve got you covered.
In Write Well, you will find advice on how to craft your novel, and even blog posts and emails with precision. Understand the rules of writing so that you can get back to the real work: actual writing.
Thanks for allowing me to chat about a passion of mine (readers!) and my latest release today! Now, let’s write well!

So what camp do you belong to--grammar geek or ...not? Share in a comment below.


  1. I've been called a grammar Nazi (although I find that term offensive) so this might be a great book to pick up! I'll download it as soon as I can make myself go get my kindle (lazy Saturday morning...)

  2. I prefer the term grammar police. No one should be called a Nazi, unless they are.

    I just downloaded the book. I'm super excited for this. Thanks, Mrs. Cobb!


    1. And I'm definitely a grammar geek. :D

    2. I just downloaded it, too - thanks, Ivie for sending me the goodreads notification :)

    3. I like that term better, too, Ivie. :)

      Thanks, Keturah! :)

    4. @Keturah: You're welcome! I wanted to make sure all my writer friends would be able to jump on the awesome deal! :D <3

      @Rachelle: I never understood the term Grammar Nazi. I feel like that's demeaning.

  3. This looks wonderful! Can't wait to get my copy. :D

  4. Definitely a grammar geek, so excited to dive into this!

  5. Grammar geek all the way! I base most of my rules on sentence structure, since that's my main strength. I don't have a Kindle, so I'm not sure I'll be able to take advantage of your generosity, but thank you for sharing, Rachelle! Also, casual usage is becoming more and more accepted, and there are multiple academic perspectives on grammar, too. Do you go off of the Chicago Manual of Style or any other specific rulebook?

    1. Olivia, it is still free today for you to download if you want to read it on your Kindle on PC app (which I love using when I want to read with a little more wide-screen). :)

      I do mainly use the CMOS. I also love and recommend these writing/grammar books:

  6. I absolutely LOVED Write Well. Thank you so much for making this grammar geek love grammar even more

  7. It's Monday here, so I was afraid I'd missed the free download period - happily not! I was quite a stickler for grammar when in school (I went through my textbook with a red pen), so I'm sure I'll enjoy reading this. :) Thank you, Ms Cobb!
    - Jem Jones