Monday, March 12, 2018

Go Teen Writers Live Episode 9: Difficult Writing Times That We're Grateful For

Stephanie here! I have the joy of sharing with you my favorite episode of Go Teen Writers Live!

We were asked about a memory that we "hate to love," meaning a hard time or circumstance we went through with writing, but that brought about something positive. Here's the link to view it on YouTube if the embedded video doesn't work:

I shared about how my agent and I nearly broke up, and that was when I decided to go for it and write the book that became The Lost Girl of Astor Street.

Jill shared about her first writers conference, and how when she pitched her novel she rambled and messed it up, but that it was a wake up call about how much she had left to learn. That she could either give up or pursue writing wholeheartedly, and fortunately for all of us, she carried on.

Shannon talked about the first major, critical review she received for Angel Eyes and how she thought it would kill her, but she pushed through.

We close by talking about how we were able to survive all of these things because of being in community with other writers, and how we want that for all of you too. If you are looking for community, get plugged in at the Go Teen Writers Community Facebook group. To expedite your approval, send an email to GoTeenWritersCommunity(at) and let us know you've applied. This helps us keep the group safe.

If you have questions you want answered in a Go Teen Writers Live episode, email us!

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