Go Teen Writers LIVE

We have a YouTube channel where we answer YOUR writing questions! You can subscribe here, and to ask a question of your own, be sure to participate in Shan's Friday exercises!

Episode One: Chapter beginnings/endings, and the relationship between storyworld and plot

Episode Two: Young adult versus new adult, and writing what you haven't experienced

Episode Three: Hooking readers and standing out

Episode Four: Plot, character, and how they work together


  1. I just got your newsletter and discovered GO TEEN WRITERS LIVE! I think this is fantastic. What a wonderful opportunity to hear from great writers. The work you all do for teens is amazing, probably the best I've seen. Your dedication to your audience is extraordinary. What you give to all of us is priceless.—Kind regards, Steve Peha

    1. Thank you, Steve! We enjoy it so much :)

    2. What a kind thing to say, Steve! Thank you so much. So glad you're enjoying.