Our Disclosure Policy

You might wonder, "Do you make money from Go Teen Writers?" The answer is we sometimes do, and that the Federal Trade Commission requires us to tell you so.

When we link to Amazon, we frequently use an affiliate code. This means that if you go to Amazon via a link on Go Teen Writers, a tiny portion of your entire Amazon purchase gets put in our account.

Sometimes we receive free copies of books that publishing houses or authors want us to review. We rarely do this because we're not a book review site, but if we do, we give our honest opinion despite the book being given to us. And unless the free copy is ravaged by one of our children, we like to give it away to you when we're done with it.

We also make some money from paid advertisements on the blog. We keep these clearly marked as ads, because we love our readers, and we have no desire to trick you into clicking things you don't want to click on.

If you have questions about any of this, you can email Stephanie.