Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finding inspiration and motivation

A writer asked me, "I'm lacking inspiration and motivation. Any suggestions on how to find any?!"

You're certainly not alone. All writers go through dry spells, and sometimes it's easier to work yourself out of it than others. Or sometimes our non-writing life is sucking us dry. My high school had really challenging curriculum, so sometimes it was super hard to find energy for writing.

I find that writing is kinda like exercise. You know that saying, "A body in motion stays in motion?" The same is often true for writing. When I get myself in a good rhythm, like writing 1,000 words a day 5 days a week, it's easier to stay motivated. And the more I'm writing, the more I'm hit with ideas for other books. So when I'm lacking inspiration and motivation, often the best thing I can do is force my butt in the chair and get some words down on the page. I definitely don't do my best work on those days, but it gets momentum going.

But there have been other times where I experience a more severe type of writer's block. When that happens, I'll usually pick up a craft book I love, like The Art of War for Writers or Bird by Bird. It's amazing how just reading about writing can get me back in the mood to do it myself.

Anybody else have tips to share?

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