Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What does your writing routine look like?

A writer e-mailed me to ask, "What does your writing routine look like?"

I talked about my writing process last Thursday, so in answering today's question, I'll focus on my time allotment.

And actually, I'll split it into two sections:

Routine pre-kids and pre-publication (baby and book contract came within 6 months of each other - yikes!)

1. Breakfast/Shower/Etc.
2. Sit down at desk around 9am.
3. Check e-mail, respond to some. Usually about 45 minutes.
4. Write until 12ish.
5. Eat lunch.
6. Write until 4:30ish.

People used to say to me, "Wow, that's a lot of writing. Don't you get bored?"

NO. I look at this schedule now and salivate.

Routine with kids and published books:

On the two days I have babysitters, my day looks like this:
Write/Schedule blogs
20 minutes e-mail (Because otherwise I would spend 2 hours on e-mail)
5 minutes social networking (See above parenthetical comment)
Update tax records
Read handful of blogs I follow
Spend 2 hours marketing/researching/responding to interviews/reading a craft book/etc.

On the three days I don't have babysitters, my day looks like this:
20 minutes e-mail
5 minutes social networking
Pop into 2 blogs - On the Write Path and Writing Roseanna

So there you have it - my glamorous schedule, which gets crammed between dirty diapers and drinking lots of coffee.

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  1. I'm salivating too over the pre-baby schedule. I vaguely recall those days when I could forget to eat and just sit there and write for twelve hours.

    After my first baby, who slept in until 8 each morning, I had a solid two hours to write in the morning, then during her two hour nap. Then my second baby also thought he had to get up at 6, so . . . it's become "whenever I can." I've deliberately fractured my attention span so that I can work in short bursts as they come.

  2. lol, ahhh...I remember the pre-baby schedule.

    Not any more.
    I get up at 5 to write, 6 I get my son up for breakfast, from then till 7 we get ready, then drop off the kids to school and off to work till 6pm. Get kids and do night time routines.

  3. Roseanna and Kelly, good for you guys getting up early to write! I have such a tough time pulling myself out of bed.

  4. I don't know how you juggle it all. I've got one teen at home now and still can't seem to get caught up!

  5. Wow... and I thought my days were busy sometimes lol. I'm homeschooled, so I stay home a lot. But I'm still out sometimes, and now especially because of soccer season.