Monday, December 27, 2010

Stephanie is off this week...

Like we talked about last Tuesday, I'm taking this week off to restore my inner artist. I'll be cleaning my office, playing with my kids, and reorganizing my kitchen towels. Woo-woo.

My writing this week will be limited to the occasional e-mail (my apologies if you've been waiting to hear back from me) and thank you notes, which I'm actually way more motivated to do now after reading this article on NPR about a guy who committed to writing one thank you note every day for an entire year.

I'll be back on Monday, January 3rd with our first writing prompt of 2011 and details about what exactly that means.

Enjoy your week, everyone!


  1. What books have you written so far?

  2. I assume you mean what books have I written and published. I'm the author of The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series, which is a 3 book series including Me, Just Different (July 09), Out with the In Crowd (January 10) and So Over It (July 10).

  3. I'm still kind of lost on what the whole 2011 prompty write thing is all about... =/
    What are we exactly doing? I'm really confused...

  4. And I can't wait! I've been counting down the days. It's the 3rd in Australia:P
    I've been thinking about the note writing thing all week.. I really want to do it I think:)