Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Announcement about Writing Prompts

Several of you have e-mailed me with questions about the writing prompts, so I thought I would just post here in case others are wondering:

We had 29 entries. Which is 19 more than I thought we would have. And even with my guess of "10," I thought I might be fooling myself. I'm thrilled, guys.

And since we had nearly three times the amount of entries I thought we would, there's been a change to the scoring process. Instead of the judges just telling me which entry they felt was best, they will now each be telling me which entry they felt was first, second, and third.

You can expect to know results sometime around Tuesday, January 18th. I've asked the judges to get the results back to me by Monday the 17th, but sometimes life happens and they may not be able to. Frustrating as that might feel, that's life in the publishing biz.

When they return their results, I will e-mail everyone who placed. I'll be asking if it's okay to post your entry on the blog. This is completely up to you, so you shouldn't feel pressured to say yes.

Some of you have asked if you'll be getting feedback, and the answer is yes. I've also been asked how often I'll be doing writing prompts. The answer is every other Monday. So the next one is scheduled for the 17th.

I think those were all the questions I received. Please feel free to ask any others you may have.

One final note. Something that shocked my socks off was how many of you have thanked me for doing this. I knew I had wonderful readers, I just didn't realize you guys are so darn polite. As stupid as it sounds, thanks for thanking me. I'm having a blast.


  1. Are giving feedback on all 29?! Wow! I think everyone is thankful who's reading, I know I am. It's a great way to stretch & learn & grasp what it really takes

  2. Wow, this is so cool! God has really blessed me through this - so thanks for letting Him use you! I was wondering, how often can you enter these writing prompts contests? And what do the judges judge on? Like, what are they looking for?

  3. Talia -- well, every second Monday (Tuesday for me;)) since that's when Steph posts the prompt! I think they just judge on how you write, your style and what they like about it...

    Tonya -- And it's something to do! Summer holidays get so boring sometimes, and it's nice to actually have something to write about... even if it is only 100 words!:D

  4. Can't wait to see who won =)
    Writing is fun.
    Though I don't think I'm very good compared to other people lol.

  5. Emii: I know it seemed a little easier when given a starting point! It fueled me to work on what I always think about writing & it don't take long to feel a little overwhelmed & stare at the screen again. Working through the blurby thing & filling in the elements has helped some though

    Jazmine: I feel the same way, I like to write & want to be a novelist BUT i always feel like everyone else's is better. I think the only thing to do is be like a racehorse & put your blinders on, just run with all you've got!

  6. I love that you guys are answering each other's questions. Thanks for doing that, since I can't be at my computer all the time. Darn kids, wanting attention.

    Emii, it's like 0 degrees outside. I'm completely jealous of your summer holiday :)

    Talia, so sweet of you to say that! You can offer the writing prompts as much or as little as you'd like!

    I've already heard from one of the judges. She commented on how many good entries there were and said she chose ones that surprised her and showed creativity. So that's what one is looking for, anyway.

    You won't receive feedback from all three judges, but you will from at least one.

    Jazmine, in high school, I was rarely the best writer in my class. But I was the one who loved it the most, wanted to grow, and who was determined to get published. That counts for a lot.

    Tonya, I love your metaphor! Yes, put up those blinders and run your race!

  7. Well I personally just love writing and don't think I'm the greatest at it, though everyone that I show my work to says I'm really good at it... idk... it depends lol.
    My grandpa braggs about me to his friends and all of my distant family, his friend came visiting while we were at his house and he introduced us again and the friend said "Ah yes, Jazmine, the writer poet girl." lol.