Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Question for you - To eread or not to eread?

For Christmas, I received a Kindle from my husband. I've become quite attached.

As in, last week, I woke my husband up in the middle of the night because I was yelling, "Get my Kindle!" (In my dream, my 10 month old was about to spill a glass of water on my Kindle. I was saving the baby from falling off the bed, and I needed my husband to save the Kindle. So my priorities aren't totally out of whack.)

And last Wednesday morning when the tornado sirens were going off, I grabbed my kids, a phone, and my Kindle before heading to the basement.

I still love the smell and feel and convenience of books. And I love going to book stores and signings and all that. But I also enjoy the ereading experience much more than I thought I would. Like when I finished Catching Fire last week, it was amazing to get on the Kindle store and download Mockingjay within minutes.

There's no doubt the boom in ereaders is changing how people select, buy, and read books. Last month, for the first time, ebooks out-sold print books. Amazing.

My question for you today is do you have an ereader or do you have plans to get one? Most the people in my life who have them are older, so I'm curious about you young'ins. Or however that would be punctuated.


  1. Your Kindle stories are pretty funny :D

    I'd have to say I enjoy books and turning pages too much. The only reason I would get a Kindle is to take it traveling. Whenever we go on a long drive or a plane ride, my bag is packed full to bursting with books, and it's really hard to carry around... :P

    I have to find out how to make my book available in ebook form, though, cause I know lots more people would read it that way.

  2. LOL! Sounds like some fun adventures with that Kindle!

    I have the Kindle App on my phone and iTouch which I use. Honestly, I am not crazy about Kindle - I love holding a book in my hands over it on a little screen any day. But each month, Amazon has several new/popular Christian Fiction books for free on kindle. So I got this app and use it to get these free ones to read, which I probably wouldn't end up reading if I had to wait and purchase a paperback copy.

    So, it IS nice having a kindle to grab up those free books...but I still love my paperback copies and looking at my bookshelf to see it full of my favorite reads. :-D

    ~ Katy

  3. It would make things a lot easier.I can get ebooks on my computer, but it is inconvenient.My mom might need the computer or something.My dad is trying to get it onto my laptop(hard drive crashed so no more DVDs) but so far nothing.So yes it would be nice to have a Kindle.Love those stories!You lead such an interesting life!Sierra

  4. I don't have a kindle, but I would agree that it might be better when traveling (My backpack is always too heavy despite having only a few items in it).
    But for me, I think I like books better. Partly because I don't like the idea of staring at the screen forever.

  5. Ellyn, I haven't taken my travelling yet, but I plan to. If I'm flying, I imagine I'll still bring a book or a magazine or something, since you can't have any electronics on during take offs and landings. And I NEED something during take offs and landings. I'm not a fan of flying.

    Katy, to me what makes the Kindle, Nook, and I think the Sony ereader different than iPad or the apps is that they aren't backlit. So it's different than reading something on the computer. More book-like. I would have zero interest in ereaders if it was anything like reading on my phone or the computer. I spend way too much time on those things as it is!

    Oh, Sierra, how I laughed at your comment about my interesting life. There are days where I feel like all I'm doing is sending emails and changing diapers.

  6. Sananora, I mentioned this in my comment above, but looking at the Kindle (Nook/Sony ereader) doesn't feel like you're staring at a screen. That would drive me (and my already-bad eyes) crazy!

  7. I bought a Kindle a few months ago and really love it. I was worried about not having the same bookish feeling since you don't actually turn pages, but it felt just as good as reading a hard copy! I haven't even bought a book yet because I'm caught up in all the free ones, especially classics. I love reading classics (Dickens, Austen, Hugo) and most all of them are free. I love it!

  8. Jennifer, I had the same experience! There were so many free books, I had yet to buy one. Then last month I bought 4. They make it wickedly easy.

  9. I'm old, not a young'un. LOL But I'll throw in my two cents worth. I'd love to have an e-reader of some sort. But I don't. It's 'cuz I've only got two cents and I just gave it to you. ha! ha! Just kidding. It's on my wishlist though.

  10. Personally, I don't plan to get any sort of ereader. Particularly because I'm a collection fad freak and one can't actually say 'I own all these old books' if you're just downloading virtual versions of them.

  11. There IS something cool about shelves and shelves of books...

  12. ...well... I'm still really on the edge about them, it really stinks because a favorite series of mine called "The Phantom Stallion" by Terri Farley, is currently only available in used bookstores or amazon.com where I can order it in physical form.
    Other than that my choice is e-book's. I don't know if I really like it or not, but it just frustrates me because I can't stand not having a physical book and the smell of the paper and everything...
    Plus if water gets spilled on a book, it won't necessarily be done for lol. I spilled water on my book and its lasted this long with a little tape. But it was a lot of water so...
    I'm not really a fan of the Kindle or anything having to do with that, its just complicated to try to download it (and I use the computer all the time) and then I'm not to sure about this, but if the e-books are backed up on the internet... what if you don't have internet access?? How will you get to the books if the power goes out?
    Yes its handy, but I don't like Kindles right now. Though I admit its neat to see, but I don't think I'll ever get used to the fact of people preferring electronic books over REAL books. I'll be the old grandma sitting reading paper books and my grandkids will ask "Grandma, what's that?" lol!

  13. Its also expensive to get a Kindle, and if it breaks, expensive to replace it.
    And on occasion its more expensive than a physical book haha. =) At least what I got, I got two 200 page something book for 6 dollars plus tax. Last time I checked one E-book is around that price, sometimes more.
    Just saying... I'm weird like that, I'll have boxes of old books later on haha.

  14. That's a definite perk to real books - they're cheap to replace if they get damaged or lost. If you leave your Kindle on the plane or something, well ... you're out of luck. And it's too dangerous to read in the bathtub :)

    I think downloading books is crazy easy, actually. I mean, it's hooked up to my credit card so literally all I do is click "buy" and 30 seconds later I can be reading. About storage, the e-books are stored on the Kindle but also on-line in case something happens to the Kindle. That way you don't lose all your books along with your ereader.

    Prices vary. Hunger Games was $5. The others in the series were a bit more. Publishers are still trying to figure out what people will pay for an e-book.

    My opinion continues to be that I love both. My Kindle is fun, and it was AWESOME to finish Hunger Games at 10pm and decide, "Okay, I need book two NOW," and 30 seconds later be reading it. But like many of you, I love BOOKS. Their feel and smell. I love bookmarks. I love book signings.It's tough. I'd rather not choose :)

  15. For some reason the comment box wasnt showing up yesterday but it's back today!
    Anyways, I like both. I love books and I thought I'd only stick with them but the kindle can draw you in once you have a chance to use it. It's easy to hold, tale anywhere and download books! Its so much fun looking through the free books. And getting the sample chapter

    I don't like reading non-fiction on kindle though because it's hard to flip back and
    reread things.
    I'm a nerd in that every book I want to buy I have to think through which would be better kindle or regular. Plus, when it's a series I want the same format for all the books.

    Did anybody with a kindle see the sale they are doing till the 15th? They have
    almost 700 books marked down under $2.99! I just said i don't like nonfiction on
    kindle BUT James Scott Bells "Plot & Structure" for $1.99 I'm going for that one :)

  16. I see it now! Thanks, Tonya! I foresee big purchases in my future...

    Like you, I'm not a big fan of non-fic on the Kindle. The Bible seems complicated too.

  17. And ofcourse the sale has a bunch of great non-fiction books that have mendebating whether I should get them or not!

  18. I have all the e-reader apps on my iPad. It was great while we were moving because for the three weeks my books were packed I could still read.

    However, one of the first things I did when I got here was have someone take me to the library so I could get some books to HOLD and read.

    I love the iPad for convenience (because it's my brain, I take it everywhere, so I'm never without a book, which would be tragic), but, in my house at least, books will never be replaced by the e-reader.

  19. Tiffany, I understand the iPad attachment! My smart phone is my brain, and it definitely throws my world into a tail spin when it goes hiding.

    Very interesting to see how everyone is so attached to books! I think many of my colleagues would be surprised to see such a sentiment in your generation.