Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Winners from the "Garage sale" prompt

Here's the list of winners from last round's prompt:

First Place
Alyssa Liljequist (Received 2 votes)
Katy McCurdy

Second Place
Rayna Huffman (Received 2 votes)
Kait Culbertson

Third Place
Katy McCurdy (Also placed first)
Kait Culbertson (Also placed second)
Rebecca Pennefather

Honorable Mentions (No points for HMs, but it's still cool!)
Katy McCurdy (also placed first and third)
Sarah Faulkner (received two votes)
Beth Marie
Rachel Crew
Ellyn Gibbs
Bridgitte Ivey
Jazmine Ortiz
Georgina Caballero

Congratulations, everyone! I'll post some of the winning entries on Thursday.

This round's writing prompt is a 150-word free write, so there's no prompt sentence. The idea is you can submit the first 150 words of your novel and receive feedback. If you're not writing a novel, no worries. Just make sure your entry sounds like the start of a story. Click here for details.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Congrats to all! I just want to say how much fun it was to judge this prompt round. I see so much talent and potential. And I'm not just talking to those teens listed on this post. I'm talking to ALL of you. I was impressed!

    Writing is a continual process where ALL of us can learn something new and improve our craft. I know I'm always learning something new. Love those AHA moments. Keep at it, teen writers, and enjoy the journey.

    Be excited! Be encouraged! Be brave! Go for your dreams! Can I get an Amen? Write on!

  2. Amen! Write on! ;-)

    I too thought the caliber of entries especially high this time. It was so hard to make choices!

  3. I agree with Susan! =)
    I think we all write to our best potential! And no matter if you don't place in this contest or not... that doesn't mean you are a bad writer. =) Who knows? Some of us may become well known authors around the world someday lol.

  4. Thank you, Roseanna and Stephanie, for joining the Amen corner. =)

    Jazmine, you are absolutely correct. Not placing in a contest or receiving a rejection from a submission is never a personal rejection. Let me repeat that....IT'S NOT PERSONAL! Sometimes we learn specifics from rejections or not placing, and sometimes we don't. Regardless, the answer is for us to KEEP writing and not give up. The more you write, the better you'll become. Every day we live, love, laugh, and write is a gift and matters. Let's enjoy this awesome writing gig and enjoy the journey God places before us.

  5. Jazmine -- forgot to say, I love your attitude. Keep reaching for your dreams.

  6. Thanks Susan! =) That means a lot. I just like being exuberant about things like this, I keep telling myself never to give up no matter how hard it is.
    Believe me I was having second thoughts about entering the contests again and again, I just made myself do it though ha-ha. =D
    That's a motto I'll probably keep; never give up climbing that mountain. I'm hoping that'll get me where I wanna go, if God allows it I'll go as far as I can.
    I'd recommend to all other teen writers to do the same! Its important to have perseverance, even if you have bad thoughts in your head. MAKE yourself DO IT.