Friday, September 16, 2011

Tales of Rejection

I returned home from vacation yesterday, which means I now have one week until I load up the car and head to St. Louis for ACFW. I'm catching up on email as fast as I can, but it'll likely be a couple days, so if you're waiting for a response from me on something, please be patient!

In lieu of a traditional blog post today, I wanted to pass along this article to you. This is written by Kathryn Stockett, author of the insanely popular book The Help. It's about how many rejections she received - 60 - and her determination to get her book published. Click here to read and be inspired!


  1. Woah. I pitied JK Rowling for being turned down a lot of times, thought I'd never be able to publish something if a publisher told me, "No," thirteen plus times. But sixty? Man, that is dedication. Wow. And you can tell she's a wonderful writer from the first paragraph - the humor, the description, it's vivid and interesting.


  2. Oh man, SIXTY? That's true perseverance!

  3. Wow, that's amazing... 60 and now its a best seller.

    It's so exciting that you're coming to St. Louis this year! If you have time, be sure to check out the arch. Also Jilly's cupcakes area amazing and they serve lunch (they also won food network's cupcake war tv show).

    Good luck with your drive, Kansas to St. Louis is like ten hours or something.

  4. Micah, yes, she has a wonderful voice! Her book is waiting for me at the library. I'm excited to read it.

    Caroline, our hotel is right by the arch, I'm pretty sure. Thanks for the tip about Jilly's cupcakes! I looove trying places like that. Fortunately I'm in KC, so the drive will be a quick 4-hour zip down I-70!

  5. That's kinda like J.K. Rowling :) I think she got closer to 70 rejections actually haha.

  6. So many of the biggies have rejection stories like that! I can honestly say I gave up counting rejections long ago. At this point I (try to) view them as God closing the wrong doors so He can lead me through that right one.

    Then again, I also don't just keep submitting the same book over and over to be rejected over and over . . . so I've got a bevy of a rejections on a bevy of books! LOL

  7. Wow!! I would not last that long! I hope that doesn't happen. I could handle a few but not that many! I hope God will send me great publisher :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  8. I've read The Help and it's an awesome read. I can't imagine how much dedication she went through to get this book published. I thought it was funny that she made herself wait to go to the hospital for it, lol.

  9. 60!!!! That's crazy!:)

    The book seems great, I should read it.

    - Elisabeth Greenwood

  10. I loved this article! I think that it was pretty cool that she was that dedicated to her book that she would stick with it through sixty rejections!

    Have a great time in St. Louis. :)