Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two more winning entries

For your Thursday afternoon reading pleasure, here are two more winners from the last writing prompt contest. 

Faye Rhys, Second Place

He knew she’d come back someday, but she couldn’t have picked a worse moment. For example: now.

Gail said she’d be back and she never broke a promise. But couldn’t she at least have some respect for what was sacred? Apparently not.

He had asked her repeatedly to leave him alone, to forget about their past together, they’d been young. But youth wasn’t a good excuse for robbing a bank.

She walked up the aisle of First Southern Baptist like it was a fashion runway. “Hey Colt, betcha didn’t think you’d see me here, did ya?”

The judge says: I LOVE the drama of this piece!

Savannah Daniels, Third Place

She knew he’d come back someday, but he couldn’t have picked a worse moment. “Please don’t make me.” She whimpered, fighting back tears. She flashbacked to that first meeting with the salty wind whipping her hair and the lingering taste of the bitter sea. His cerulean eyes were achingly sad—as if he had any right to feel that way when he was the reason she was cursed to begin with. He unfurled bony fingers with flesh that seemed to drip off like raindrops collecting on the underside of a branch. With one last, torn glance around her, she choked back a sob and took the hand that would lead her to Hell.

The judge says: You took me by surprise here. Nice job. I love that you added the “again.” Really thinking outside the box. 


  1. Thanks so much for posting my prompt :)

  2. Both of these were great but Savannah's really got me. I think hers was my favorite of the winning prompts. :)

    Faye - I really liked yours, too! GREAT job!! :D

  3. When will the next prompt be posted?

  4. The next one will go live Monday, September 26th. I'm excited!