Friday, November 18, 2011

Sarah Holman is here with a giveaway!

I'm thrilled to feature Sarah Holman today!

Sarah is the author of The Destiny of One and The Destiny of a Few. She is a homeschool graduate and lives in central Texas. When not pursuing her passion of writing, she can be found taking long walks, reading, sewing or spending time with her family. You can find out more about her at her blog

And Sarah, generous, lovely gal that she is, is offering a free copy of The Destiny of a Few to one lucky commenter! To get yourself entered to win, leave a comment either asking Sarah a question or share something you are thankful for. (Sarah has been doing that this month on Facebook. Oh, and by the way, you can "like" her by clicking here.) This giveaway is restricted to US residents, but conversation with Sarah isn't. I'll draw a winner on Friday, November 25th, and I'm putting it on my calendar so I don't forget!

What do you think are the unique struggles of being a young author?

I think the biggest struggle I have had as a young writer is not having a lot of life experience.  Sometimes, I’m not sure how people would react in a situation, or how an action would make someone feel because of my limited years.  Thankfully, I have people like my parents who let me tap into their life experience.

What do you think are the unique perks?

I think young writers tend not to be tied down to the writing rules as much as older writers.  True, this sometimes means that their writing needs work, but it also means that they have more freedom to be creative.  Young writers, in my opinion, are some of the most innovative writers, thanks in part to not knowing about those rules.

What is a piece of writing advice you received that has made a difference for you?

Just keep writing.  Sometimes the best thing to do for writer’s block, or if you are trying to write scene but it just isn’t working, is to just start writing.  You may have to go back and do some serious editing or even rewrite it completely, but once you start it gets easier.  I think that is the best advice anyone ever gave me.

Can you give us a summary of your latest book?

Maria Morris’ adventure continues from The Destiny of One.  She is searching for a long lost prince with only a cryptic clue as her guide. Along the way she meets many different people that help her to see that it isn’t just her destiny that is at stake, but the destiny of many.  It isn’t easy, though, for the clue’s meaning is elusive and obstacles are everywhere.

What is unique about your books?

It is hard to answer this question about your own books, but I will do my best.  My books are science-fiction/futuristic books, without the wired creatures and New Age ideas; there aren’t a lot of those.  Also, the high moral standards of my characters sets them apart from many books.

What are the next steps for you as a young author?

I’m working on the last and final book in the Destiny Trilogy; The Destiny of a Galaxy. After that, I ‘m already working on a story set in the Middle Ages.  After that, who knows?  We shall see where the inspiration takes me.

I would like to thank Stephanie for having me on Go Teen Writers, it is such an honor.

You're so welcome, Sarah! Thanks for being here!


  1. Hey Sarah! Great to have you! By the way, I love how just the title of your books tell people they're getting bigger. :) How did you come up with your title? I always have a hard time coming up with a title that grabs peoples attention, and I'd like to fix that. :)

  2. I love the title it really sums it up. I am having such a hard time coming up with an idea for a title.


  3. Hey, Sarah!

    What is your favorite part about writing sci-fi?

  4. Becki and Princess; First off I have to say that all my series, most of which are still in my head, I have to come up with a naming scheme. The Destiny Trilogy was hard. My sister Rose, read book one and came up with the title, and I took it from there. Often, looking at the theme of the book or lesson you are trying to convey will give you an idea as to the title. However, don't be afraid to ask others to help.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Ellyn,

    I love writing Sci-Fi because all the possibilities. When you imagine the future, their aren't as many limits as their are with a contemporary book. Besides, spaceships and leaser guns are so cool.


  6. Hey Sarah! I'm reading your book "Destiny of One" right now and really like it. I love the communicators and laser guns. :) It's very easy to imagine, which I like a lot because in the future no one really has a clear idea of what it'll be like. :)

    Instead of asking a question, I'm going to say that I'm thankful for books, for writers like me, for this blog which has taught me so much just in the past couple of months and for God giving me the ability to write. :)

  7. Hey Sarah!

    What was the hardest part about writing The Destiny of Few?

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  8. I'm thankful for having friend that are supporting me with my writing. I'm thankful for my family who let me use a computer to make my dreams come true.
    Thanks for your article.

  9. Clarebear; I am so glad you like it!

    RJ; In this book, Maria faces the fact that people she loves could be hurt by what God has called her to do. That was hard to write because I, like Maria, want the people I care about to always stay safe.

  10. Such an amazing cover and the story sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi! I didn't know your books were sci-fi! It's great to hear that it lacks the usual New Age stuff. My question, though, is: does that mean it doesn't have the usual magic/wizardry stuff? I thought maybe that's what you meant by New Age, but wasn't sure. I disagree with magic/wizardry, so if this is so, I will definitely want to read your book!!

  12. Every question I would ask of you was answered in this post so I will say something I am thankful for. I am thankful for my God and savoir who saved my life.


  13. Fantastic interview, Sarah! Ya'll should really check out this next segment of Maria's adventure even if you don't's such a wonderful, inspiring story! (I had the privilege of being an early reader!)

    (P.S. please don't enter me in the giveaway, Stephanie, thanks!)

  14. Finally getting a chance to say hello! So glad you're here today, Sarah!

  15. Great interview, I can so relate to the not enough life experience feeling. It's hard sometimes to capture how a character should react in a ceratin situation if you've never gone through any thing like that. I'm really thankful for my family and that they understand when I want to write :)

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  16. Carrie ~ I don't like magic/wizardry stuff either. My story is free of all such things.

    Rachelle ~ You are such a blessing to me.

    Stephanie ~ Thank you so much for having me. You and your readers have been a great blessing.

    Faye ~ Nice to hear from you.

  17. Hi Sarah! I have a question for you. Are you a pantser or a plotter, and whichever you are, what is your method of organizing your info? Thanks so much!!

  18. I'm thankful for the people and opportunities that God has put in my life to help me grow closer to Him.

  19. Whitney ~ Method? Me have a method? I am afraid I am not a good person to ask about outlines and methods because I really have any. Sometimes I write out what I want to happen in each chapter, but that is as close as I ever come to outlining. As for organizing my research, I use OneNote (a Microsoft office program) to kinda organize my thoughts.

  20. I'm thankful for the ability to express myself through writing. and that God has given me the ability to use my writing for Him.

  21. I'm thankful for the internet... Why?

    Because I get to connect with lovely groups of young writers such as you guys and awesome authors like Stephanie and many others. ^_^
    And I'm oh so thankful for the Go Teen Writers posts, they help me get confidence in my writing and get some helpful tips.

  22. Sydney G was our winner!

    Thanks again, Sarah, for being our guest!