Friday, December 14, 2012

A whole lotta winners

by Stephanie Morrill

It hit me this week as our last contest wrapped up that this is also the end of our 2012 contests, and it's time to giveaway some stuff!

I'm really excited to share the list of everyone who placed in a 2012 Go Teen Writers contest:

1. Gillian Adams
2. Laurie J. Curtis
3. Madison Hines, Lindsey Bradford
4. Kayla Anne CP, Lydia Hart
5. Jessica Staricka, Rachelle Rea
6. Alison Schneider, Jenna Blake Morris, Rebekah Hart, Deborah Rocheleau
7. S.J. Bouquet, Allison Young, Clare Kolenda, MacKenzie Pauline, Leorah Brinkerhoff, Ellen Coatney
8. Katelyn Marie Whitley, Julie Potrykus
9. Rebecca Pennefather, Jyllenna Wilke, Rachel Crew, Samuel LaRue, Jordan Newhouse, Karina Vieyra, Rayna Huffman, Elyssa Blow, Bethany Baldwin
10. Georgina Caballero, Faye Oygard, Alyssa Liljequist, Abigail Hartman, Richard Barrett II, Paulina Czarnecki, Sarah O., Jessica Zelli, Katie Scheidhauer, Skye Hoffert, Margaret Paquette, Nicole Godard, Anna Schaeffer, Britt M., Allison Perdue
11. Madison Cherie, Kaitlyn Evensen, JT Valun, P. R. Golden, Emii Krivan, Abigail Hassett, Sian Marshall, Taylor Copeland, Eliza Salinas, Julie-Anne Hepfner, Caitlin Hensely, Danielle C., Jill H.

As our first prize winner, Gillian Adams has won a year-long mentorship. She'll get a full manuscript critique, we can talk about story ideas, the business, some next steps for her, etc. 

For our second prize winner, Laurie J. Curtis, and our third place winners, Madison Hines and Lindsey Bradford have won a critique of the first three chapters and a 2 to 3 page synopsis, also known as a book proposal.

Not only have our judges been amazing enough to give of their time throughout the year, they also have donated some wonderful prizes for me to give away to those who placed in 2012. The prizes and winners are as follows:
Winner: Madison Cherie 

A "What's Your Story?" necklace from Susie Finkbeiner, owner of Inspired Novelties (colors may vary.)
Winners: Lydia Hart, Rebekah Hart (yes they're sisters - weird!)

Winner: Rachelle Rea

Winner: Alison Schneider

Winner: Sian Marshall

A 5 page critique from Christa Banister
Winner: Kayla Anne CP

Winner: Jessica Zelli

Winners: Jessica Staricka, Julie Potrykus, Karina Vieyra, Elyssa Blow, Britt M.

Winner: Allison Perdue

A 3,000 word critique also from Betsy St. Amant
Winner: Rebecca Pennefather

A WhiteFire Publishing ebook of choice from editor Roseanna M. White
Winner: Eliza Salinas

Winner: MacKenzie Pauline

A "blurb" critique from Roseanna M. White, up to 300 words
Winner: Katelyn Marie Whitley

Congratulations to all the winners!

Our first contest of 2013 will kick off on January 2nd, so be sure to check it out!


  1. WHOOOOO!! *Applause* Congrats, everyone, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Congrats everyone! :) Looking foward to that January contest, Stephanie!

    Merry Christmas to you all. <3

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  4. Congrats everyone! Probably obvious, but I guess the winners need to email Stephanie their address so she can send them their prize?

    1. That would be great, Allison. I sent you an email last Thursday, I'm pretty sure.

  5. Oh my goodness Stephanie. Your comment about Becks and I made me laugh sooo hard. Just imagine if my five other sisters were writers on here... lol. Congrats to all the winners, y'all were great!
    And Gillian, my personal congratulations - you beyond earned first place. I can't wait till you're published - I wanna read more of your work!

    1. Aw thanks, Lydia. That's so sweet of you! :)

  6. Wow at first I had a panic attack because I thought this was the 100 for a 100 contest results and that time had somehow sped forward without me having all my words caught up. *wipes sweat off* Be still my beating heart.

    A hearty "CONGRAGULATIONS!" to all the winners here! :)


  7. Congrats winners! So many prizes, it's like an early Christmas for you guys! :D Ooh! Can't wait until Jan 2nd then. ;)

  8. Congratulations everyone!!! You all really deserve it! it is so nice of everyone to donate those prizes!
    Oh! And Melanie, I adore the front cover of your new book!!! I so want to read it!!!

  9. Love and thanks to all the wonderful judges, and of course to Stephanie for heading up all this! :)

  10. Congrats, guys! You all are amazing writers, and I'm so happy to electronically know you (or know of you, anyway). Mery (almost) Christmas!

  11. Way to go Gillian! Hope to see her work published soon :)

  12. Congratulations everyone! I've really loved reading all of your entries over the year.

  13. Congrats everyone! You all did great!
    Stephanie- I don't know how, but my email got hacked. I will send you my prize choice/address from another address (my writing address, or my mom's) if I don't get it back in a day or two.
    Thanks so much! And good job again to all the winners!