Thursday, November 21, 2013

Limited Time Only - Earn Double Rewards Points

At the beginning of the month, Jill and I re-opened Go Teen Writers Rewards. This is a program where when you do things to promote Go Teen Writers and our fiction titles, you earn points that can be cashed in for various critiques or video chats.

Between now (November 21st) and Monday, November 25th, if you write a review for the Go Teen Writers book and post it on a retailers website, you will earn double points.

That means instead of earning the normal 15 points, you'll earn 30 points for posting your review on,, or another site where you can purchase the book. (We're grateful for Goodreads and blog reviews, but the 30 points offer is limited to retail sites this time.)

And 30 points can be redeemed for a one-page critique (or you can combine it with other points, of course) so it's a good return for just writing a review.


  1. Yeah! And I just finished reading it, too!
    ~Sarah Faulkner

  2. I think I may work on finishing it after doing some editing.