Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winners from the 100 words for 100 days writing challenge!

Congratulations to the writers who completed the 100 words for 100 days writing challenge!

Aidyl Ewoh
Alexandria Mintah
Alicia B
Alyson Schroll
Amanda Fischer
Arende W.
Azaria Durant
B. Ravencroft
Bethany Baldwin
Bryan Schroll
Callie O.
Carissa Barrows
Catsi E. 
D. Nesbitt
David S.
Elizabeth M.
Emily Kapuscak
Emma F.
Emmi Dakin
Esther Rose
Gianna R.
Grace O.
Hannah Cochran
Hannah White
Hannah. M
Heather Manning
Imogen Elvis
J. Liessa
Jaime H.
Jane Dohe
Jenneth D.
Jessi R
Jessica G. 
Jillian Haggard
Jodie J
Jordan Stamps
Kara Suderman
Kate Bullen
Katheline Hansen
Katia K
Kellyn P.  
Kristin Dodd
Laura Auchinleck
Lauren Butler
Lydia D.
Maddie S
Mariah DeGisi
Micheila T.
Mindy Butler
Miranda Kulig
Morgan N. J.
Olivia Nash
Rachael Maughan
Rachelle Rea
Robin Rani
Roseanna White
Sam Graber
Sara Bennett
Sarah N.
Sarah P
Sierra Bailey 
Tabitha Durant
The Magic Violinist
TW Wright
Wild Horse
Zara Hoffman

The age group with the most finishers was the 16-18 group. 25 of them finished, and combined they wrote 1,246,624 words. Per writer, that's an average of 49,864.96 words. Not bad at all!

The age group with the most words per person was the 19-21 group. 10 of them finished with a cumulative 638,955 word count, which breaks down to 63,895.5 per writer.

But the 12 and under group was right at their heels with an awesome 59,347.75 per writer. We had 4writers ages 12 and under complete the challenge with a combined 237,391 words.

Those ages 13-15 had 24 finish, and wrote a combined 1,273,624 words, which is 53,067.66 words per person.

The Old Fogies had 3 who completed the challenge, writing a combined 149,368 words together and averaging 49,789.33 words per writer. 

Super proud of everyone who finished! They'll receive 30 rewards points from me and Jill along with our respect. 100 words everyday for 100 days is a lot harder than it sounds!

Don't forget, the Go Teen Writers book is on sale for just another couple days, so snag your .99 ebook while you can.

And if you live in the Kansas City metro area, I'll be doing a book signing at Groundhouse Coffee in Gardner, Kansas this Saturday (December 7th) from 1:00 to 3:00pm. I'll have all my books there available for purchase, or you can bring your own copies from home. Or I'll sign your coffee cup. Whatever. I would love to see you there!


  1. I couldn't participate this time around because I was editing, but I'm super excited to join in the next one, whenever that may be! Very happy for everyone who tried! Even if you only made it a week, you still wrote 700 words you otherwise wouldn't have. :) Way to go everyone. (Especially the 16-18 age group. I was routing for you!)
    ~Sarah Faulkner

  2. Yay! Congrats to everyone who finished!

  3. (Wow, my age group didn't do anything... ;))
    Congrats, everyone!

  4. Go under twelves! Yay! Well done everyone!

  5. Congrats everyone!!!!
    Just wondering, but could you tell us how much the 13-15 age group wrote all together? :)

    1. Ack, I'm sorry! I had it on there and must have accidentally erased it. One moment, please!

  6. Congratulations everyone! Wish I could have taken part but with exams and edits it would have been a living nightmare. The last one was so much fun, though! Hopefully I'll be able to do the next one :)

  7. I updated the blog post as well, but here are the numbers for the 13-15 age group. Sorry I somehow deleted you guys from the original post!: Those ages 13-15 had 24 finish, and wrote a combined 1,273,624 words, which is 53,067.66 words per person.

  8. Yay to everyone who finished and even those who didn't finish, but tried all the same! :D This was so much fun! Thanks, Stephanie!

  9. I hate to be super picky, but it does say "the 12 and under group was right at their heals"
    Shouldn't that be "heels"?

  10. Congratulations to all the winners!

  11. Congrats, everyone! Go have some chocolate. ;)

  12. This is such a fun challenge. Congrats to everyone who participated!

  13. Congrats everyone!!! This was super fun and I personally had more fun than I thought I would!

  14. Wooooot! Congrats to all these epic and amazing writers!

  15. Awesome job, everyone!

    Just curious...who wrote the most? ;)

    1. Imogen Elvis, with over 300,000 words, I believe. That girl is a machine.

    2. Wow! a LOT of words! Congratulations to you, Imogen!

  16. Congrats to all who participated! I'm fairly new to Go Teen Writers, so I missed the sign up date and only heard about the challenge afterward. :) Will it be hosted again soon?


    1. Hi Kelsey! Welcome!

      I'm obviously not Mrs. Williamson or Mrs. Morrill, but these are usually hosted twice a year, I believe. Hope you can join us for the next one!

    2. Thanks Amanda! I definitely will. ;)

  17. Congratulations to those who did it - and I wish I'd been able to!

    Have a great day,
    Tabby (

  18. Man, I live in Southern Kansas. So close, yet so far.